Last time on Dragonball Super, we saw the true meaning of the Tournament of Power. As Universe 9 lost their last fighter and the Godpads being held by Zeno show blank entries, the Universe 9 fighters are wiped from existence in front of everyone. There is a moment of stunned silence, then Goku and Vegeta snap out of it at opposite ends of the arena, both swearing that they will be the last one standing at the end. One of the Kais begins chatting to himself that all the universes probably would have been erased by Zeno anyways, and Goku has given them a chance to witness this final tournament at least. Once a universe fails however, they must be erased no matter what to balance the power levels across the Multiverse. That is the purpose of this tournament, which raises some other questions. If the Multiverse is governed by one king, why are they worried about keeping a powerful empire? Who or what else is there to possibly challenge them? Everything in existence should be under Zeno’s rule from what we’ve seen so far…

Back to the battle. Universe 7’s Kai are a little worried, Beerus and Champa both seem a little shaken despite being gods who govern destruction, while Whis seems fairly unconcerned as apparently angels don’t get erased.  I wonder what this whole “angel” thing is about with Whis and his crew. Do they just get to live forever and sort of…watch over, or puppet, the gods of their universes? Why? So many questions in-between the lines with  this show! Universe 9’s angel is still there watching so who knows. Meanwhile, Krillin and the other Z Warriors are regrouping and gathering their courage again. Frieza has a moment of surprise at how easily the Zeno twins essentially murdered an entire universe without any sign of remorse, yet they seem so playful and childish. Truly terrifying, even to Frieza. He swears he will even rule over them one day.

Universe 7’s Power Couple

The Androids are mostly unfazed by the incident, 18 is a little flustered but regains her composure after her brother 17 reminds her – we’re not biological. We don’t get tired like most of the fighters here. “Let’s cut loose!” Slowly, everyone is realizing the fight must continue, or else they’re all gonna end up like Universe 9. Slowly, Hit and Botamo of Universe 6 make their way towards Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta immediately goes Super Saiyan and attacks Hit, but is blocked by Botamo’s giant bear gut.  With quick movements, Vegeta flips over Botamo’s head and manages to tie his arms into a knot. I guess he is pretty squishy.  Vegeta casually walks him to the edge of the arena, but Champa calls for anyone to help the bear and Magetta comes to his rescue.

Closeby, Krillin is being overwhelmed by a birdman until Gohan knocks away a blast, telling Krillin they could still wait it out for the rest to to fight amongst themselves. Krillin remembers how Beerus told him to run away until the end because that seemed like his strength, but Krillin feels he must do something more. He comes up a combo attack of three Destructo-Discs, slamming into the avian fighter, finishing him off with a classic Kamehameha. One more out of the ring!

What a surprising plan…

Now it’s Vegeta versus the giant robot Magetta, but something isn’t right. As Vegeta hurls insults, hoping to make the ‘bot give up like last time, he notices it isn’t working. Champa becomes excited, explaining they have figured out how to get Magetta over his weakness – Botamo rides his shoulders and covers his ears. Dragonball still has that quirky humor. It works, as Vegeta can’t seem to work out how to deal with this new ‘Bota-Magetta” combo. Android 18 is having issues of her own, almost being knocked off stage by a fighter faking death, but Krillin is there to catch her just in time. Shoasa, the wolf who faked death, taunts the pair but 18 is having none of it. She and Krillin came up with a special technique just for the tournament. One fires a ki blast at the other, who bounces it back faster and strong, Ganon-style. They slowly close their distance on the wolf until finally he can’t avoid it, being blasted off the stage. The couple high-five, capturing Zeno’s heart and even making Beerus smile.

Yet another fox fighter steps forward to the pair as Krillin tries to quickly dispatch him with a Solar Flare x100. However, turns out this fox is already blind, so…not much happens. As expected he can fight be scent. Krillin still seems confident however. As the fox postures and gets into fighting stance, Krillin throws his shoe over his nose! The fumes disable the fox almost immediately as Krillin blasts another one out of the ring. As he jumps up in victory, Frost appears from behind and simply pushes him off stage! He teleports away before 18 can even realize what happened. Beerus isn’t happy with Krillin after this…he’s the first Universe 7 fighter out of the tournament! Was anyone surprised? Forty-three minutes remain of the Tournament of Power! If they can pack this much into a few minutes of in-show time, I’m excited to see what else happens before the end!

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