I’ll Protect the World! Trunks’ Furious Super Power explodes!

In Dragonball Super Episode 62, the spotlight shines on Trunks. After his anger pushed him to the limit, his eyes have become pure white. He rushes Black, going toe-to-toe with him for a short while before Zamasu moves in. The two fire their merged blast at Trunks. As his eyes change colour again to green, Trunks swears he will protect the world of the future as he grabs the blast and throws it skyward. Trunks kicks Zamasu and sends him flying away towards Vegeta, so he can focus on Black.


I am so sick of seeing this.

Trunks blasts Black into the ground, and for a moment it seems like he might finally be done. But of course, he slowly stands up from the dust, wipes the blood from his face and smiles. He immediately teleports to where Vegeta and Zamasu have been fighting, an unexpected move that leaves Vegeta open for a moment as he gets taken out. The pair turn back to Trunks and fire their favourite merged blast, hitting the mark. Just as with Black before, Trunks gets up and retaliates, firing a Masenko (his teacher Gohan’s signature move) then providing cover while Goku, Vegeta and the rest move back to the Time Machine to retreat. Black tries to stop them as Trunks yells “No you don’t!” and takes out the blast with his own beam to save the machine as it leaves.

“I’ll protect everyone!!!”

Back in the present, the Time Machine touches down at Bulma’s. Without Future Trunks in it, everyone assumes the plan worked. He said he wouldn’t return if Black was gone and everything was safe. Just as Beerus stretches out to pat himself on the back, Bulma storms out of the Time Machine screaming about how nothing was changed. Even Beerus is afraid at this point. Vegeta, surprisingly being the calm one in the situation this time, tells everyone to calm down and think. They need a real plan if they’re going back.trunkssave

As Goku is being healed, one by one the rest of the Z Fighters show up to Bulma’s to check in on how the trip went. After everyone is caught up, Piccolo remembers a technique used against King Piccolo back in the old days. The Mafuuba, or Evil Containment Wave. It requires a bit of training, a special pot, and a paper seal. Kame is happy to help teach Goku the move, even if Piccolo seems to be very eager to do it himself…  poor guy.

Beerus, having left earlier saying he’d done his part even if it didn’t work, is visiting with Gowasu. He asks Gowasu to help Goku and others in his place, as a god of destruction can’t be meddling with space-time, you see. He’s trying so hard not to care. Gowasu understands what happened is partly his fault and agrees. Will the Mafuuba be what does Black in and stops Zamasu? How will it go any differently than last time? Keep on watching to find out!

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