Answers! Truth! The end of Black’s mystery!

So if Black is truly Zamasu on the inside, having switched bodies with Goku, then who is the green guy standing beside him? Still Zamasu, but one from the future timeline where this Trunks is also from. The Zamasu who is now Black is the one from the present, who fought Goku and started this whole thing when he lost to a mortal. The Time Ring saved him from being destroyed by Beerus. Since they contain entire timelines, if one is destroyed, it means the end of a world, so it has various godly protections to ensure that doesn’t happen. Present Zamasu still killed Gowasu, took his earring making himself a Supreme Kai, and used the ring after becoming Black to jump to the future and kill THAT Gowasu as well. When Future Zamasu comes out to his master dead on the ground, the very thing he planned, how could he not join up with Black? It was clear in that moment to Zamasu that he had succeeded in his plans somewhere in the multiverse.

Black and Zamasu begin with all new tag-team style attacks on the heroes. By firing off two ki blasts and fusing them in a spiral pattern, they create a new destructive wave that seems to have intense force. Goku makes a move to finish it quick and blasts Zamasu’s head clean off – until it regenerates from the smoking mess as if nothing happened. Black explains that he needed a partner for his plan to come to fruition. After using the Time Ring to kill Gowasu, of course Future Zamasu was going to join forces with Black. What better partner then yourself? Zamasu is exactly the kind of guy to not trust anyone else.


Double Ki Blaster action

Once they are together, the supreme plans begin. Since the past Super Dragon Balls were used to ‘create’ Black, the future ones are used next to give Zamasu immortality. Many times in the series has this been mentioned, usually as a villain’s main goal, but it’s never actually happened until now. With Goku and the rest dead in the future, there was no one to stop Zamasu from making that wish reality. Next step : Destroy the Super Dragon Balls so no one can use them again. Step three, kill all other gods in the universe. Black’s power is enough to do so, a scary look into what Goku himself could have become if he didn’t smack his head coming to Earth and forget it all. In the midst of all this battle and exposition, Zamasu traps Goku against a wall and taunts him with the various ways his family members and friends died after his body was taken. I guess Zamasu thought this would demoralize him, but as we know, that isn’t how Saiyans work. Goku throws Black through a few buildings and blasts Zamasu with machine-gun-style ki blasts when he tries to stop it, not caring about his immortality.


Black is watching all this happen and seems to be…pleased? He sees Goku getting stronger through anger, and feels as if it’s making him stronger too. Black reforms his ki blade on his arm, but this time it looks more machete-like, a fat blade with a slight curve to it. He flourishes it as ki needles fly off the blade into Goku, spins around, and the needles explode all at once. What…what was that?! There’s never been anything like THAT attack in Dragonball before. Black still brings surprise to the table at least.

With the Saiyans all down, Black begins to explain to Trunks that all of this destruction and horror is his fault, not Goku’s. Trunks was the first person to time travel in this universe, creating the first Time Ring here. The very Time Ring Black used to get here. The ring that allowed all this to happen. It is Trunks’ sin. Trunks begins screaming that he only wanted to help, to fix everything, as he slams his fist into the ground, over and over. The ground begins to crack under his anger as a beam of yellow light comes down from the heavens to engulf him. His hair becomes the familiar Super Saiyan blonde, but his eyes and aura are different. He has no pupils, and under his yellow aura is a blue, sparkling galaxy-like one, the same as Goku and Vegeta in God/Blue form. His muscles engorge to giant size for a moment like his SS3, but then condense back into his normal body size. As he steps forward, the ground quakes and his voice is deep with hatred when he speaks the words.


“Black, you bastard….you’re mine. MINE!” 

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