There are more time travel shenanigans in Dragonball Super episode 60!

Future Trunks cannot believe that Zamasu has been vaporized by Beerus. The action has had the intended effect. He’s tried once before to change the future when the androids first showed up. It didn’t work out as planned, leaving his future a wreck. Even though he was able to change the future of the present timeline, his timeline was still affected by the androids. They had still appeared in that future, killed Goku and done all their terrible deeds.  Beerus tries to reassure everyone that it must have worked this time. Trunks is a mortal. A god destroying a god must have changed things.

Future Trunks points out that if things have changed, why didn’t he just disappear? He wouldn’t have made the trip in the first place. So it still must have happened. Future Trunks takes his younger self aside and tells him all about how they are the same person, yet different, due to changes in timelines. Future Trunks grew up in a world where many of the Z Fighters were dead. When Vegeta was killed by the androids and with Goku already dead from heart disease, there were no heroes left to stop them. In spite of Future Trunks returning to the past with the medicine for Goku and stopping the androids, his timeline still happened. So confusing, and Young Trunks looks like he agrees.


Future Trunks talking to his young self

The crew get prepared to head back to the future yet again to check if Black is still alive. Future Trunks thanks Beerus even if he doesn’t believe things have changed, Vegeta and Goku both agree to go with him just in case Black is still around, and even Bulma agrees to the trip as she’s never used her own Time Machine and gets curious. The music played during the departure is a great orchestral track with a choir. I love the music in this series, it’s ramped up quite a bit from Dragonball Z days.

As Future Trunks predicted, nothing has changed when they arrive once more to the future. They first do a quick check on the survivors along with Mai, who was wounded in Black’s last attack. Goku brought the Senzu Beans this time however, so there is no trouble healing her right up. Now they only have four left for the coming battle. Speaking of… Black and Zamasu are on the way. Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks go above ground to greet them.


What now? Could it get any worse?

As the two self-proclaimed gods touch down, Goku accuses them of using the Super Dragon Balls to their own evil ends. Goku calls out Zamasu for making a copy of him to do Zamasu’s biddng. Black slowly steps forward, uttering “Wrong. This body…This is the genuine, real article. This is Son Goku. But the heart and soul… belong to me. Zamasu.”

What?! He used the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku?! Everyone thought Black was a copy, but this is so much worse. How can Goku stop what is truly himself, his own body with all its power?

It just never stops being exciting around this show!

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