Episode 59

A God of Destruction’s true powers are shown in Dragonball Super episode 59!

This episode begins at Gowasu’s just as Zamasu is bringing out the daily tea. Beerus, Whis, the younger Kai, and Goku are all here due to Zamasu’s future plans. They must stop Zamasu from killing Gowasu and becoming a Kaioshin himself, equal to a god. The problem is he hasn’t done it yet. How can they?

Zamasu can tell they’re here for a reason, but acts as casually as possible. Beerus begins putting up a front that the visit is for Goku, as you know Goku, he just has to fight anyone strong, and the last battle left him wanting more. But as soon as Zamasu agrees, Beerus pulls back, saying there’s no time for such trivial things. Whis points out it is also Beerus’ nap time, time to leave!

Beerus and the rest travel out into space, but stop a short distance away and begin watching the two gods as they have their tea break. Beerus says he could feel the intent coming from Zamasu – he definitely wants to destroy Gowasu. Gods of Destruction can apparently just feel it – but there is still an issue. Gods can’t just go around murdering other Gods, even if it is justified. It could throw the universe out of balance. Beerus insists they’ll need hard evidence if they are to stop this from happening.

Back on Earth, the Time Machine is once again in a state of repair by Bulma while Future Trunks is being down on himself for fleeing the future. In a twist only anime could can get away with, his younger self finds Future Trunks to give him a talking-to. After Young Trunks berates his older self for giving up too easily (and goes Super Saiyan to punch Future Trunks in the face with determination), Future Trunks again finds his resolve to save everyone, no matter what.


The gods watch…other gods

Beerus and crew are still deciding how to deal with Zamasu while watching him over Whis’ magic staff-vision, when suddenly he makes it very easy for everyone involved. After a moment of hesitation, Zamasu wraps his hand in dark ki after giving Gowasu his tea and brings it down on the unsuspecting old god. Goku shouts out to Beerus, but they’re already on it – Whis taps his staff against the ground and uses the technique he uses to keep Beerus’ outbursts in check. Whis rewinds time by a scant three minutes, and the group zaps back down to Gowasu’s in an instant. Whis quickly slides a protective glove on Zamasu’s hand just as he is about to hit Gowasu, nullifying the killing blow and making a cute squeaky noise instead.

Episode 59

Sneak Attack!

Zamasu is shocked he was caught. Gowasu can’t believe he was just about to be murdered by his pupil. Whis begins to explain to Gowasu the future they’ve seen with Black and Zamasu destroying Earth together and they won’t let it happen that way. Zamasu, however, takes this speech as proof that he cannot die here. As he forms an escape plan in his head and tries to attack Goku, Beerus steps in and reminds us exactly who he is and what he does.



Beerus grabs Zamasu’s arm, stares him right in the eye and tells him not to get too cocky. He may be a god in training, but that means nothing to a true God of Destruction. Lifting his palm to Zamasu’s forehead, Beerus simply utters a single word. “Destroy.” Zamasu is atomized from the feet up, disappearing into the air as if he were paper turning to ashes. This is the first time the series has really shown Beerus using his full strength. There was no fight. No struggle. Nothing left. Just one word and Zamasu was erased from reality. Beerus does not seem like the cutesy cat-man as much anymore.

Well! Now that Zamasu is gone, things should be fine, right? Beerus promises if a god has taken out another one, that will certainly affect history. It has to. Right? Trunks doesn’t seem too sure… I guess we’ll find out next episode! Man, my head is starting to spin from all this time travel. How does Trunks do it?

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