With a title like Advent of the Immortal God, how could this episode be uninteresting?

Still in the world of the future, things are heating up yet again. Zamasu, possibly a future-only version of himself, arrives just as the battle between Black and Goku is about to end. He announces he’s come to kill Goku personally, as he descends on a beam of a light from parted clouds. His feelings on Earthlings seem to remain the same – they all must die for his vision of a just world to exist.

Goku can’t stand that kind of talk much longer, launching into a flurry of attacks which Zamasu dodges effortlessly. Zamasu even takes that time to taunt Goku as he avoids his strikes, going on about how Saiyans are “worse trash” then humans. Goku is already having trouble handling Zamasu alone, yet Black appears and they catch Goku in a pincer attack, one on either side in an alleyway. More and more, instances like this are showing how different these enemies are from previous Dragonball Z characters. Black and Zamasu seem to have no concept of warrior’s honour or a fair fight.

Dragonball Goku Tunks

Goku and Future Trunks

Black refreshes his new sword aura technique and closes in on Goku. Just before he is able to slash Goku in two, another sword appears – a normal, metal blade – to stop it. Future Trunks pulls out his classic act and begins a straight blade battle with Black. Now it’s an even fight, Goku and Trunks stand back-to-back, and a fierce fight ensues.

During the fight, it’s quickly apparent that Black and Zamasu have even more power then it seems. Black gets behind Goku using what seems to be instant teleportation, a technique special to Goku in the series. Trunks manages to stab Zamasu directly through the torso with his sword, but Zamasu doesn’t seem so worried about it. As they stand there, the wound closes itself up and Zamasu laughs. Trunks charges up his most powerful attack, the Final Flash, and fires it point-blank at Zamasu. As the dust clears, Zamasu is… unscathed?! He tells Trunks it’s no use. Zamasu has gained immortality. An immortal body.

Dragonball Blackkame

An evil Kamehameha?!

As Trunks and Goku both wonder what they can do to possibly turn this situation around, Black shows up behind them once more. He begins the famous words for charging the most well known Dragonball move of all time. “Ka…me…ha…me…”

Goku and Trunks attempt to flee, but are grabbed by Zamasu! He confidently holds them both in place. What does he have to worry about being hit? It’s like the first episode of Dragonball Z all over again, but now Goku is going down instead of Raditz! The three are hit by the blast from Black. Zamasu rises up and throws the bodies to the ground. The pair rises above the downed Saiyans, putting their palms to the air and charging some sort of mixed energy bomb together. Before it can be thrown, another blast from the horizon takes it out! Vegeta! He still had enough energy for one last shot to help out, before falling over and fainting again from his wounds. Distracted, Zamasu and Black don’t notice the Goku and Trunks have disappeared. During the chaos, Yagirobi was able to grab them and run off! Which means Mai isn’t far behind! Gas canisters fire over the scene as Mai swoops in a motorcycle to grab Vegeta.

Dragonball Zamasuhold


Mai knows the only way to save them now to is to send them back. She pulls out a Time Machine capsule and throws them inside, staying behind to help the people of the future, like last time.

Meanwhile, in the present, Gowasu and present, non-murderer Zamasu are watching ‘KamiTube’, a video service for the gods. Gowasu is watching the Goku fights from the earlier tournament between Universe 6 and 7. This Zamasu is furious to see Goku turn Super Saiyan Blue, clad in the divine ki of the gods. A mere mortal! Zamasu catches a glimpse of the Super Dragon Balls and seems very, very interested in them and what they could grant him… I wonder what his plans might be. We’ll see on the next episode of Dragonball Super!

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