Dragonball Super: Making you watch after the credits like every good Marvel movie. The craziest things don’t even happen until the episode is over, but we’ve still gotta dig through what happened, so let’s go.

This episode picks back up with Beerus summoning Goku to his planet to make plans for his Omni-King visit. Goku tries to tell Beerus he hasn’t got time to travel across the universe while he should be training for everything going on with Black and the Interuniversal tournament, as if he had any choice! Reminding him exactly who the Omni-King is and that you cannot ignore the ruler of all known universes, Whis and Goku prepare for their trip to the Kaioshen, who can travel instantly to one another, making the trip much easier for everyone. Before they leave, Beerus makes a point to tell Goku not to harm any Kai or Kaioshen or anyone there! Seems weird for a god of destruction to worry about the lives of others…until Whis lets slip that gods of destruction and creation (the Kais) are linked. If one side perishes, so will the other

.55   Beerus tells Goku he MUST go

Meanwhile, on Barbari, Zamasu and Gowasu are still debating over the worth of the planet’s inhabitants. As they watch yet another conflict, one of the creatures breaks off to attack Gowasu. Without a second thought, Zamasu takes the chance to destroy it. Gowasu yells not to as the creature is sliced in half by a very similar technique to what Black has used in the past episodes. Gowasu can’t believe his apprentice has stepped so far over the line.

On Earth, Goku and Whis meet up with the Kais to ask for their help travelling to the Omni-King. No one can believe he’s called for Goku. Why? For what reason? As they shake their heads in fear of Goku making a royal-sized mistake with his mannerisms, the smallest Kai takes their hands and zips them to the Palace of the Omni-King.daishinkan


Standing guard here is what looks to be a small boy with blue skin and white hair like Whis. He is also sporting one of the blue rings Whis wears, though behind his head instead of around his neck. I wonder if these rings symbolize some of sort of servitude to the gods in Super now. We’ve only seen them on retainers or caretakers of gods so far. Whis says this person’s name is Daishinkan (note: the official translations for this show are not currently available, so some of these names may change over time once the English dub officially begins) and he is one of the top 5 fighters in all TWELVE universes. That’s a high ranking. Goku is beside himself to be near someone so tough.

Daishinkan leads them down a long hall to a giant set of doors. Within is the Omni-King’s throne room. Looking as tiny as ever, he is sitting on a floating throne with his two lanky guardsmen at either side. Omni-King jumps up at Goku’s arrival and floats right over to him, grabbing and shaking his hand. The guards almost freak out, but the King’s cold stare stops them in their tracks. His face alights again when he turns back to Goku to finally explain why he’s been called – the Omni-King wants friends!


Omni-King (Zeno) and guards

The Omni-King seems very childish, possibly very young for his royal status. He even allows Goku to give him a nickname, Zeno! The Omni-King tells Goku he’d like it if he came back after the tournament to play, and Goku promises that he will, possibly with another friend for him! Omni-King is very pleased with this, and gives Goku a small button. This will call the Omni-King anytime, from any universe! I don’t know how anyone could challenge Goku at this point



When Goku returns, the Time Machine is finished and fully fueled! Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks hop in to begin the hunt for Black in the future! But of course, this is where the true hook is. After the credits, we learn the next episode is called “Super Saiyan Rose!” and see a shot of Black with…white-pink hair?! ANOTHER new Saiyan form? Or is this exclusive to Black’s character? I guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out! Well played, Dragon Ball. Well played.

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