Dragonball Super Episode 53

In Dragonball Super episode 53, some questions are answered… but more mysteries appear.

Whis, Beerus and Goku are on their way to Universe 10 to find out if there’s any connection between this familiar Ki that Black possesses.  Goku bothers Beerus about who they are going to meet: this Zamasu. We learn he was a Kai in Universe 10, a young fighting prodigy, who is in training to become a Supreme Kai. Meanwhile, somewhere in Universe 10, two people are seen sitting under a giant tree in a field. They discuss the protection of humans in and the younger of the two seems to think humans aren’t worth the trouble. Constantly starting wars and fighting amongst ourselves, we hold our own progress back. It might be easier for everyone involved to get rid of them. The elder speaks up and says it is not their choice to destroy; only to protect. They are creation gods, not destruction gods. Leave that work to Beerus.

As soon as his name is mentioned…


Zamasu and Gowasu, respectively

Beerus and company arrive, meeting the new characters to the cast–Zamasu and Gowasu. These two are guardian deities, also known as Kaioshin or Supreme Kai.  Goku, being himself, immediately runs up to Zamasu and begins asking who is the strongest person here. Zamasu is surprised by such forwardness, seems to know about Saiyans, and does not like them either. In fact, Goku is everything he dislikes in one–a Saiyan raised on Earth by humans. Despite this, Zamasu declines Goku’s offer to battle right then and there, and Beerus steps in to remind everyone why they’ve come. Who IS Black?! Where did the Time Ring he had come from? Only Kai are supposed to have them.

Cut back to Earth for a short visit with Future Trunks and Krillin, confirming the Time Machine is almost fixed. Also, a great scene for the meeting of Android 18 and Future Trunks. Any fan of the series will know why, and if you don’t, 18 is part of the reason the future that this Trunks lives in, is destroyed.


Future Trunks freaking out!

Gomasu brings out a small box from a temple, showing Beerus and the rest that all the Time Rings they have are here, together. Not one missing. Then what is going on here? Goku doesn’t care, as he’s been harassing Zamasu now in the background of this whole exchange. The Kais want to know why Beerus brought Goku along at all. It’s explained that he stood up to Beerus and survived, and the Kais are impressed. Gomasu tells Zamasu to allow this challenge, but to be careful to hold back. Gomasu can see his underlying hatred and anger. As they battle, it seems like even footing, but Zamasu slowly starts to lose control as he is more and more irritated by Goku’s power. During a moment of shock, Goku manages to get in a clean hit! Zamasu can’t believe a human managed to touch him. His aura seems to darken a bit during this fight.


A heated match between…equals?

As they part ways once more, Gomasu has calmed everyone down, Whis mentions that Zamasu’s ki certainly felt the same as Black’s, and with his clear problems with humanity, he could very well be Black himself. But Goku isn’t convinced. It seemed a little different somehow. Will we ever find out what is happening here? It’s getting a bit confusing with all these universes and timelines now! I’m still as excited as ever though. I can’t stop watching! Here’s hoping the next episode follows up the hype!

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