2trunksCarrying over the excitement from last week’s episode, Dragonball Super continues the hype train with more action from the new Black story arc. We start out following Black himself, who has caught up with Trunks in the Capsule Corp area. We get a bit more of the mysterious Black’s origins when he mentions that Saiyans are an interesting race. This line, and the next about humans being weak, gives us the idea that Black might not be either, something different from both entirely.

Trunks knows everything is on his shoulders. He notices that Black’s attention is focus on him, not the buildings surrounding them. Black must not know about the time machine sitting in the Capsule Corp lab. Trunks manages to duck away from Black long enough to start the machine, disappearing from the future completely as Black is left clueless as to how Trunks escaped.

Meanwhile, in the present, Kid Trunks has opened his home to Pilaf’s crew, including Mai. This is probably the beginning of the change in Mai’s ways, and why we see her and Trunks together in the future timeline. They did have some sort of past together before that, but, as with all time travel, things are about to get confusing.

Future Trunks appears in the time machine bearing the word “HOPE!!!”, the same one used in his first instance of time travel with the Androids. Bulma immediately recognizes this and begins emergency protocol for the series – call Goku and Vegeta.

Trunks is in bad shape from the trip, unconscious, while Goku teleports off to get him some Senzu Beans to heal with. When he returns and gives Trunks the bean, the first thing Trunks sees is the face of Goku…but in his panicked state, his mind thinks back to Black. He freaks out, jumps up from the bed and attacks Goku!

In the preview for next week’s episode, we catch a bit of Future Trunks going Super Saiyan to fight…Goku? Is he that confused? Black finds a way to the present?!

Things are getting heated now! I didn’t really know where they’d take the story after introducing Gods of Destruction. How do you go above that? Dragonball Super has managed to figure it out and keep fans like me interested on a weekly basis. I can’t wait to see how Black and Goku fight it out. Stay tuned for more craziness next week!

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