The Tournament of Power rages on in Dragonball Super! In the void, the stage that was created just for this floats in the nothingness. The gods are all in cheering-style stands, ringing the stage itself. Champa, God of Destruction of Universe 6, is watching happily as he taunts his brother Beerus. Universe 7, home to Goku and the rest our heroes, seems to be starting it’s downfall.

Vegeta is still struggling to battle the new combination of Botta-Magetta, being unable to insult the robot, he backs off to regroup and rethink his previous strategy. The dust surrounding him parts to reveal Cabba, Vegeta’s self-proclaimed Saiyan apprentice from Universe 6. He tells Vegeta it’s time for him to drop out, casually taking out four oncoming battlers as he strides towards Vegeta and goes Super Saiyan.

Now we see Hit of Universe 6 caught up in a fight with one of the machine-men, who is still trying even after having his legs and arms removed by Hit. The robot’s chest glows as it’s main cannon charges up, this robot being built specifically to attack even if disabled. However…Hit can stop time. Without any effort he freezes everything just as the shot would be fired and knocks the robot out of the stage. Hit is beginning to get a bad feeling however…he’s seen lots of violence and has almost a sixth sense about it.

Kale, the smaller, shy female Saiyan from Universe 6 is getting surrounded by beast-men. She does her best to stop them but is simply grabbed by a sumo-fighting pig and then held up as a literal punching bag for a crab-man who apparently loves boxing. This is the kind of thing you only get in anime. The beast-men are relentless, taunting and insulting her just before throwing her off-stage with the rest…but she is caught by her sister Caulifa! Caulifa can’t stand to see her sister in trouble and instantly goes Super Saiyan to wreck shop on the two monsters. She bests the sumo with his own style, flipping him over her body out of the ring. The crab is subjected to thousands more punches then he could have thrown in a lifetime at Kale, and the final punch sends him out-of-bounds.

Caulifa and Goku

Caulifa takes a moment to ask Kale why she is holding back. Kale is the type of person who seems to have a deep well of inner strength and wants to be great to help the ones she cares for, like her sister. But she seems very adverse to fighting and violence, looking quite out-of-place among the rest of the warriors. Caulifa sees something in her though. She believes Kale could be greater then herself if she put her heart into it. After this little pep talk, the two make their move towards Goku.

In a very short shout-out to the show itself, Goku is fighting one of the aliens who can use Instant Transmission, the technique he learned long ago. I say ‘short’ since Goku is already trained in this by now and immediately appears right where the other fighter does, and knocks him clear out. Caulifa and Kale call out to Goku, asking to be taught to go Super Saiyan Blue. Goku tells Caulifa straightly that they are not prepared for such power. Caulifa gets upset by this and remembers what happened when Kale was able to transform…

Caulifa tries her best, but Kale cannot seem to figure it out again this time. Caulifa instead transforms into the over-muscled Super Saiyan form Trunks used long ago. History repeats itself as we watch Caulifa unable to land a blow on Goku while he tells her all the downfalls of that form – higher physical strength means lower speed. And quicker exhaustion. Goku is impressed by her tenacity however, and shows off what she should be aiming for. His hair goes golden and lightning sparks all around his body, jumping from place to place. Super Saiyan 2. This is what Caulifa needs to figure out next.

Kale reacting to the battle

Kale is watching this intensely the entire time, seeing her sister and Goku starting to have some kind of teacher-student rivalry connection forming. As she tries to help Caulifa by attacking Goku, the two other Saiyans turn to her with serious eyes, asking her to step out and let them battle alone. Caulifa herself tells Kale to stop being a bother. This is more then the fragile Kale can handle. She begins sobbing with anger that Son Goku somehow took her sister away from her…and her rage ignites again fully. Transforming into the truly giant-like form fans would remember as Broly’s form – the true Legendary Super Saiyan. Her eyes and hair glowing with green energy, she screams for Son Goku’s blood at the top of her lungs.

She rushes Goku and Caulifa blindly just as Hit stops time to remove them from the area of the blast. After the giant explosion, every other contender is quiet, turning towards the scene. Kale slowly walks towards Goku, repeating the words ‘Kill…Son Goku…Kill…”. She grabs Goku and flips him around like a rag doll, slamming him into the ground with gorilla-like movements. Everything Goku attempts is stopped immediately by her smashing his face into a nearby surface and then blasting him through a rock wall.


Goku finally has enough fun and flips into Super Saiyan Blue. The two god-like figures stare each other down and Goku begins his famous fight-ender. As he speaks the word Kamehameha, he fires with that lasting “Haaaaa!” and for the first time I recall anyhow, is stopped. Kale walks STRAIGHT THROUGH IT directly up to him and grabbed him by the entire face once more. Kale’s gone too far though, much like Broly before, and she throws Goku away in what seems like pain. Just then, green ki bursts explode from every direction out of her, destroying much of the arena. One of the Pride Troopers steps forward to try and stop her with some kind of energy lasso. She acts as though it’s made of paper and in her ever-increasing rage at everyone around her turning against her, she makes a move to attack her sister.

Jiren, leader of the Pride Troopers, appears to put a stop to all this madness. He blasts her out of the ring as she goes after Caulifa, and she appears in the stands again, untransformed and alive, most importantly calm. Hit and Jiren exchange a moment where they seem to have a bit of history. Goku steps forward into the light and all three fighters glance at each other. My heart can’t take much more intensity! Yet this show continues and delivers the hype every episode. One hundred episodes and still going strong. Dragonball Super, please never stop being amazing.

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