Deadpool: Last Days of Magic
Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Scott Kobish
Colors: Guru eFX
Letters: Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel
Reviewed by David Hildebrand

DpoolLDOMI knew this book was coming out soon and I also had no clue what was going on with Dr. Strange and the Last Days of Magic.  I had to catch myself up before I read this issue of Deadpool. Let me give you a quick update on what is going on. Something isn’t right in the realms of magic. Several Sorcerers Supreme from other dimensions have turned up dead and Doctor Strange knew that the problem is much worse than he imagined. There is a mysterious force known as the Empirikul and it is seeking out the masters of magic, as well as mystical landmarks all over the world and is destroying them all.

In this issue,  Empirikul has moved on to attack Shiklah’s (Deadpool’s wife) Monster Metropolis and Deadpool goes back to his old sorcerer friend, Michael for help. Michael and his girlfriend Daphne are having lunch at a restaurant, ready to tell some big news to her parents when straight out of a scene from Back to the Future, Deadpool shows up exclaiming that Michael needs to come back with him, before he can decline, Deadpool grabs him by the neck and drives off on his motorcycle. They arrive to the Monster Metropolis in the middle of a battle between Shiklah, her followers, and Empirikul.  Voodoo shows up to help in the attack and even Benjamin Franklin, who has yet to make his final journey through the afterlife makes an effort to help in the attack as well.  This issue is full of action as they all team up to take on Empirikul.  In the end, one character makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the day and to be honest, it was a bit sad to see the final outcome.

DpoolLDOM3Gerry Duggan continues to write Deadpool well. The humor is intact, along with the pop culture references. But he continues to  write a strong story, despite all of Deadpool’s antics, there is a soul within this character and the supporting characters as well.  This issue especially, he draws emotion out of them and it does tug at the heart strings.  As much as Deadpool tries to turn his personal life around, he keeps hitting obstacles along the way. Scott Koblish does an outstanding job with his art. There is a lot of action in this book and he keeps it fluent throughout the story. The expressions on each character’s face captures the emotions they are feeling and helps tell Duggan’s story. The colors by Guru eFX stand out and are very bold. They help define the story and complements Koblish’s art successfully.

BUY IT!  I had to catch myself up on the events of the Last Days of Magic, but it is easy to catch up on and even if you don’t, you can read this issue on its own.  I do believe that the events in this book will spill over into the regular ongoing series. I don’t see how they cannot.  So if you are a Deadpool fan or you are following the Last Days of Magic, then pick this up! It is a great story and will hit you right in the feels by the end of the book. Those books, in my opinion are few and far between lately.  Don’t miss out!

Dave Hildebrand
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