A.D. After Death Book Three

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jeff Lemire
Letterer: Steve Wands
Publisher: Image Comics

A review by Greg Brothers

Back in December Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire started their three-part mini-series A.D. After Death. Almost immediately after issue one came out it was announced that the series was being optioned for a movie, and about a month later part two was released. Four months later we finally are getting the final of the series.

For those of you that do not remember A.D. After Death follows Jonah who lives in a distant future where death does not seem to exist. Society is much smaller and the people that are living in the community have been told that the surface of the Earth is no longer inhabitable. Life for Jonah consists working in different stations for years at a time until he moves on to the next location. Jonah has become bored with this life and is convinced that there is more out there and is determined to find out what lies below the cloud on Earth surface. After planning how to accomplish his goal A.D. After Death Book Three sees Jonah put that plan into motion.

Again, in Book Three we see a continuous jump back and forth between what is present day and the past that Jonah has kept track of over the years. The past sequences begin to unwrap how it was the Jonah came to live with the community. The unveiling of some of the back story by Snyder gives you a better understanding of what happened that brought these people together in the community and what happened to the people that were left behind. While issues leading up to the final issue lead us to believe that somehow Jonah felt responsible for what ever happened to end death, we find out that in reality Jonah is madder at himself for not keeping his personal promises when he decided to join the community. The end of the book provides a final twist that puts into question everything that has happened and leaves you asking yourself the question of what choice would you make.

Lemire’s art in A.D. After Death Book Three continues to shine in this issue. The watercolors give a soothing feeling and creates blending that might not be possible in another style. The setup of the book sticks with the present day being the traditional panel style, while the past stories are set up more like a journal with little art and large blocks of text. To me it really works well. Jonah constantly talks about his journals so it would make sense as he narrates the past it would be presented as a journal.

The Verdict
Check it out!
Honestly if you have already made it this far into the series then you might as well check out A.D. After Death Book Three so that you can get the full story. I however was very disappointed and felt rather let down by how the book ended, and I question how true to the book the movie will be able to be now. One thing that I cannot rave about enough is Lemire’s art. It is truly breathtaking at points, and is a book that needs to be enjoyed in the physical form rather than digitally. Pick up the book if you need to finish it, otherwise wait a few weeks until you can find the trade or borrow friends copy.

Gregory Brothers
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