Curse Words Holiday Special #1

Creators: Charles Soule & Ryan Browne
Guest Artist: Mike Norton
Colorist: Addison Duke & Ryan Browne
Letterer: Chris Crank
Publisher: Image Comics

Review by Greg Brothers

I love the holidays: the crisp cool air, the lights, family and friends, and of course holiday comic-book specials. There is just something fun when you get to read an original story that is often outside of the regular storyline. It gives you a chance to check out some books and characters that aren’t always in the pull list. So, when I saw that this year there would be Curse Words Holiday Special #1, I was all in.

Curse Words Holiday Special #1 takes us back to a happier time in the Hole World. Sizzajee and his nine demon children are all together as the snow falls around them. It’s time for enjoying company, remembering the past year, and celebrating with the MeatMeet. What’s a MeatMeet you ask? Well, it’s when Sizzajee and his children set free a creature and then hunt it down.  The winner  earns Sizzajee’s favor in the coming year.

First things first: the humor that has been there throughout the series is strong in Curse Words Holiday Special #1. All the characters that we have met before are there, and each of them feels right on point from what we have seen in the past. I also like that although it is a holiday special, it is not a traditional holiday, instead it is a Hole World holiday. The layout and explanation of the entire event matches perfectly with what we have come to expect with the Hole World. If you were a fan of the picnic issue, then you will definitely enjoy this issue as many of those same elements are present. In many ways Curse Words Holiday Special #1 is not just a story about the MeatMeet. It also covers how Wizord and Ruby Stich became romantically involved, and we might also have an idea of how Margaret came to be.

Whenever I see a guest artist on one of my favorite comics, I always cringe a little bit when I open the first page. Thankfully Curse Words Holiday Special #1 avoids the stomach-drop sometime associated with a different artist. Norton has a unique look for some of the book, but it is close enough to Browne’s original art that it is not distracting. I especially liked the look of the creature that was created for the MeatMeet. It was completely unique, yet somehow familiar. Norton also continues with some of the unique page layouts that have become commonplace for this series. Bright and vibrant colors dominate the panels, while fun details like a Christmas sweater featuring skulls and bombs is worn by Sizzajee.

Verdict: Buy it.

If you are a fan of Curse Words, then you want to check out Curse Words Holiday Special #1. Everything that you have come to love from the series is found in these pages. If you have never picked up Curse Words, this is a great chance to jump into the series and check out some of the characters. You will get to know a bit about them without feeling lost.

Gregory Brothers
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