You guys, just in case you didn’t know, Sarah Graley is one of the COOLEST creators ever.

Sarah Graley is a comic book artist, illustrator, writer and all-around awesomesauce. When I first discovered her comics, I immediately fell in love. She’s funny, adorable and makes any situation relatable and hilarious. It’s almost impossible not to like anything that she makes and that what makes a creator super special.

There’s a lot of super awesome things that she has out right now, so let’s go through them one by one to explain the awesome.

bookcoverOur Super AdventureOur Super Adventure is the cutest comic that will make you feel bad that you’re not in a relationship like Sarah and Stef. This is an ongoing diary comic series that focuses on the relationship of Sarah and Stef, but also their fur babies Pesto, Toby, Wilson and Pixel. In these absolutely adorable little comics, you get to get a peek inside the life of an absolutely cute couple that’s so silly and realistic. It will make you smile and envious.

rqcoverRentQuest – Poppy’s a freelance warrior (where do I sign up) and she’s trying to turn that job into a full time career so she can make rent. Her roommate, who can turn into five different cats (I KNOW RIGHT?!) keeps paying for her half. They have two months to get Poppy into becoming a full time warrior before the rent is due. You won’t believe how brilliant this RentQuest can be. It’s the best for anyone who’s trying to find a job and working their damndest to obtain what they need.

frontyfronty-1Pizza Witch – MY FAVORITE COMIC EVER. Pizza Witch revolves around Roxy, who has a pizza making business with her familiar cat George and delivers within half an hour or it’s free. She delivers a pizza to a customer’s house, but falls head over heels for her roommate. She needs to figure out how to make a cheese free pizza, get it there in a half an hour AND ask someone on a date. The twist of this comic will make you giggle, but all of it will make you smile. Pizza Witch is just another example of how brilliant Sarah is with her drawings and her comedy.

Recently, Sarah’s gotten a GREAT opportunity to work with Oni Press for their five-issue Rick and Morty spin off Lil Poopy Superstar. She not only draws it, but she writes it as well. If you love Rick and Morty, you’ll definitely love the spin-off of the adventures between Summer and Mr. Poopybutthole.

kimreaper_promo_oni-pressLast but not least, something that I’m very much excited about is a new project from her. Sarah will be making a new comic with Oni Press in April 2017 called Kim Reaper!

Here’s the synopsis for it:

Kim tends to be a closed book, but when her classmate Becka interrupts her at her job, she must explain her role as a part-time grim reaper. Together the duo must deal with armies of cats, near-death experiences, house parties, crushes, and a rascally zombie outbreak alongside their studies.

I have to admit, I’m extremely excited about this and Sarah as a creator. Every time she creates a story or a character, they are extremely relatable, always diverse and utterly awesome. She’s a creator that you should definitely check out and if you already know her, definitely keep up with in the future because she is going to do major things.

If you’d like to know more Sarah, check out her website here, check out her band, her store and last but not least, please support her awesome Patreon.  

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