Have you ever seen multiple comic strips that’s so relatable to you that it just hurts? You end up screaming “YASSSSSS” as you get lost inside the world of multiple strips. That’s
what Sarah’s Scribbles does and what creator Sarah Andersen does so well.

tumblr_obbfzvbW1U1qiuiebo1_r1_540There’s a lot I can say about Sarah Andersen, but I’ll keep it short and brief and let her work speak for itself, but you guys… she’s absolutely brilliant. There’s something so special about Sarah’s comics that you can relate to. Not only is she one of the funniest creators, but she’s absolutely witty in her style and leaves with a feeling of “I’m not alone” and you have to admit… that’s the best feeling ever.

Sarah’s work is genius and absolutely resonates with you in a lot of ways, especially for women. She tackles subjects such as, insecurity, adulthood, relationships, friendships, shopping, shaving and so much more. These subjects not only relate to women though, there are a lot of the strips that everyone can relate to. That’s the beauty about what Sarah does. It’s not only topics that needs to be talked about, but Sarah takes her personal experiences and makes it shine, which in turn, completely relates to you.

Recently, she’s come out with a book called Adulthood Is a Myth (available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and in some places books are sold, don’t trust me, just find and buy the book, okay?). A combination of some of Sarah’s Scribbles, her web comic, and some new additions that she did especially for this book. If you’re aware that adulthood is super lame, this is absolutely the book for you.

If you want to learn more about Sarah Andersen, check out her WebsiteTwitterInstagram and Shop. You can follow more of Sarah’s Scribbles on her website and Tapastic, If you like what she does and what she’s about, please support her Patreon here

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