Cold Spots #3

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Mark Torres
Letterer: Simon Boland
Publisher: Image Comics

Review by Jim Allegro

The mystery of Dan and Alyssa’s daughter Grace is revealed in Cold Spots #3. Cullen Bunn’s (Regression) and Mark Torres’s (Judge Dredd) supernatural thriller takes a dramatic turn when Dan finally meets his estranged daughter. Key plot points are resolved, and new ones are introduced in this five-part Image horror comic. We learn more about Dan’s wife Alyssa and her family, their reason for hiding Grace on a North Carolina island, and the secret of the freezing-cold mansion in which they have her concealed.

Bunn’s efforts at building an atmosphere of suspense begin to pay off in this issue. He reveals to us that Grace is a special girl with supernatural gifts. But, he then leaves us wondering if either side of her family is actually concerned for her welfare or just seeking to exploit her powers. He then ends the story with a cliffhanger that changes our view of Dan. Until now, Dan has been an ambivalent figure, detached from his family. But, upon learning Grace’s secret, he summons the courage to fight for his daughter.

Torres continues to use lines, color, and other techniques to reinforce the sinister nature of the plot. The gothic elements that framed the creepy mansion in the first two issues follow Dan throughout the house as he searches for Grace. Faded and unfinished lines give the characters a spooky feel, as if they are not really there. The pink and orange hues remind readers that the chilly atmosphere inside the mansion is the central character of the story. Torres also builds on this theme of cold air to reveal more about Grace, opting for an interesting smudged chiaroscuro effect that gives life to her powers.

Verdict: Buy It.

Halloween is the perfect time for horror comics such as Cold Spots #3. Bunn and Torres move the story along with dramatic content and chilling art.

Jim Allegro

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