Civil War II #7

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: David Marquez, Andrea Sorrentino
Colorists: Justin Ponsor, Marcello Maiolo
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel

Reviewed by David Hildebrand


Civil War II #7 has hit the streets boys and girls! This should be the final issue, but no, there is one more issue to go! I have had mixed feelings since the announcement that there will be an additional issue and after reading Civil War II #7, my feelings are leaning more on the negative side. I don’t see the reason why this is being stretched to last another issue. I have been fairly favorable with my opinions on the Civil War II story. I like the story and the idealization behind it, but it has been such a slow burn in the latest issues and to be honest, I am ready for it to be over. And one thing to keep in mind, as with my other reviews of Civil War II, I go into more detail and there could be spoilers! You have been warned!

This issue starts out with the Inhumans pressuring Ulysses to accept their help. His powers are exceeding way beyond expectations and that he needs to let his queen know of his decision if he is willing to let them help.  At this point, Ulysses is swept away to a vision where he is standing in a vast wasteland. A Hulk attempts to attack Ulysses only to have Old Man Logan save him. Ulysses seems confused by his own vision and inquires Logan about what year it is. Logan is now confused and asks Ulysses what he is and then explains that the Inhumans left a long time ago when Tony Stark happened, “she” pushed him to far. Ulysses comes back to reality and asks his fellow Inhumans to help him stop Captain Marvel and Iron Man from fighting.

The rest of the Civil War II #7 focuses on Ulysses’ prior vision of Spider-Man killing Captain America. They both meet up at the Capitol Building with the intentions of proving Ulysses’ vision to be incorrect. Spider-Man tells Captain America that he does not want to hurt him. Meanwhile, Director Hill from S.H.I.E.L.D. is discussing with Captain Marvel that she cannot have any more wars happening between super heroes and she surely can’t allow Captain America to die on the steps of the Capitol. Captain Marvel takes it upon herself to interrupt the conversation between Captain America and Spider-Man letting them know that she has the best intentions for everyone and wants to get Spider-Man away from the Capitol. Right then, Stark shows up in a very nice nod to Rhodey to face Captain Marvel. The battle between the two heats up and we are left with yet another cliffhanger. *insert shock face*

My biggest complaint with this issue that is that goes so damn fast. This is the reason why I question if another issue was needed to stretch this story to eight issues. I am pretty confident that this could have ended at Civil War II #7. There could have been an awesome double issue with this particular one included in the final. There is no progression really. It’s all a warm up to what I am hoping will be the final war and final issue when #8 finally hits the shelf. I say that because you never know, we could end up with nine issues! Re-title it The Neverending Civil War. Falcor can don Mark VII armor and join in the battle!  Ok, I’ll stop there.

Bendis stays consistent with the story, no new details were revealed, which makes me fear that the final issue will be jammed so tight that it will feel forced. I really hope that isn’t the case. I am still not a fan of Captain Marvel, I am still on the side of Iron Man. I will say that for once I feel for Ulysses, it took him seven issues but all of a sudden, it seems like he gets it. Too late for me, but it will be interesting to see his fate in the next issue.

As with all the other issues, the art is what saves Civil War II #7. Visually, it has been a remarkable story. Marquez and Ponsor’s talents have shone since the beginning and I hope they collaborate more in the future. And I can’t leave out the wonderful Old Man Logan and Ulysses scene that was crafted by Andrea Sorrentino and Marcello Maiolo.  Very well done and gorgeous to look at.  It added some much needed grit.

The Verdict
Buy it/skip it
Dave? Both you say?  Yup, as I have said before, if you’re invested, you are going to get it. If you are bored and want to pick up something new, skip this. The hardcover is coming out in January, and you’re probably much better off waiting. I am really, REALLY hoping the final issue is something spectacular. After all the build up, I expect a satisfying ending that doesn’t make this whole journey feel like a big kick in the teeth. Hopefully all the beloved heroes that died, have died for a purpose and not just, you know, sales!

Will he be suiting up? I suppose only issue #8 will tell!
Dave Hildebrand
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