Civil War II #0
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Olivier Coipel
Color Artist: Justin Ponsor
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel
Reviewed by David Hildebrand

Civil-War-II-0-CoverAfter reading Secret Wars (2015) and being disappointed, I told myself that I was going to avoid Marvel events for awhile.  I skipped the Avengers: Standoff, didn’t even look in that direction once.  I knew, as with most everyone else that reads comics, that Civil War II was coming in June, hot off of the release of the theatrical release Captain America: Civil War.  Of course I saw the movie, it had a few minor flaws but overall I enjoyed it and probably rank it in my top three favorite Marvel films. With a soft sigh, I knew that I would end up buying and trying out Civil War II out of pure curiosity of how it was going to start and hope to like the idea behind it. I am happy to say that I am pleased with how this is starting.

Keep in mind, issue #1 will be released next month on June 1st.  Right away, I can say that this is Marvel’s Minority Report and it serves as the real Prologue compared to the short tease that was offered to us on FCBD. The issue focuses on Jennifer Walters (She Hulk), Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), and James Rhodes (War Machine).  Each one of them are involved in their own unique situation that alludes to which side they will stand behind when it comes to them having to deal with the Inhuman Ulysses. Jennifer is seen in a court room delivering her closing statement for the criminal Jester, she is defending for talking about committing a crime. He didn’t commit it, just talked about it, so why should he face jail time for the possibility that he commits the crime in the future?

Captain Marvel gets a visit by superhero psychologist Doc Sampson.  She figures out that he is sitting there analyzing her while they were talking but not before exposing where her frame of mind is. As well as her issues with her role itself and her involvement with Alpha Flight, A-Force and The Ultimates.  She has little time to herself for a personal life.  Rhodes also receives a very tempting offer for him to consider once he decides to hang up his role as War Machine.


The issue ends with us being briefly introduced to Ulysses. He was your normal human being until the Terrigen Mist was introduced to him. Now he is an Inhuman, whose new ability just happens to be able to profile the future.  Here lies the conflict. Is he to be used to look into the future and attempt to control it or is that going to far? Maybe that view should be rejected and let the future unfold as it should.  It is a nice setup to the story and I am looking forward to see it progress.

Brian Michael Bendis does a fabulous job in setting up the story. I love his work and he is a highly received writer for good reason. The man is a workhorse and never gets lazy with his craft. I feel like he never phones in a story, he is there to give it his all and to be honest, he is THE main reason I decided to give Civil War II a shot at impressing me and he didn’t fail! And I am very happy to say that.  Olivier Coipel is along for the ride for this issue only. David Marquez will take over for issues #1-#7.  But Coipel does an amazing job for his solo issue, his character designs and layouts for this issue expand on the story. From the gripping court room scene in the beginning to the end where you first see Ulysses, it is all wonderful artwork. Combined with the colors from Justin Ponsor to set the grim tone, it is a beautiful book to read.

Buy It!  Take it from a guy that said he was done with events! This is worth picking up and reading. It is a unique twist on the original story and it isn’t trying to rehash the original story or spinoff the movie in anyway. I am interested in seeing the other characters introduced and to see who takes their respective side and the motives and reasons behind their choice. Marvel’s next big event is off to an awesome start!

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