There are so many amazing designs on RageOn! that I couldn’t fit it all in one post! As you could see from my previous article, the designs are out there, so if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, then this is definitely not the store for you. I think I should also add that they don’t just design geek clothing, they do an array of designs based on pop culture (type in Salvador Dali into their search engine and you’ll see what I mean). Of course for this post, I’ll be focusing on geek tops.

RageOn! has pioneered the art of made-to-order, dye-sublimation, also known as all-over-printing, which enables print and design of any colours across the entirety of a product; essentially limitless! By printing on a made-to-order basis, Rage On saves money on inventory and storage, and is 100% green with zero waste.
Their designs are always out there and while some can be completely over-the-top, others look amazing and badass!! They sell other products as well, such as phone cases, backpacks, and other accessories!


 I’m going to try and keep this into a 2 part article but if I do see some more cute designs, I will write another post!

Gin and Juice Sweatshirt

From: Kawaii
Okay, so the only place you would probably see me wear this jumper is in the house because of course there are kids running around and I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of some angry parent, but I am loving this top because of the sentence ‘Gin and Juice’. it takes me back to my university days when every Monday we would go clubbing at the club event ‘Bump and Grind’ where I would always order Gin and Juice. This sweatshirt makes me feel nostalgic in that sense. If you have a Hentai loving friend then this would be perfect for them, also it’ll show you accept that persons kinks. Aww.

Anime Top

There is a bit of everything for everyone on this top! So a must for that anime fanboy or fangirl you know. I can see Vegeta, The Ninja Turtles, and so many other characters! EpicBreadCrumbs have loads of cool designs so it’ll be worth it for you to check it!

Tom Cruise

Okay, this is not Tom Cruise, this is clearly Chun-Li from Street Fighter but the designer has named this sweatshirt Tom Cruise and I’m not going to question it. This is perfect for that Street Fighter fangirl that you may know. It looks so clean and I love the art design. So pretty!

Zabuza Fleece

From Tibreezy1
This is so cool! I absolutely LOVE Zabuza and this is beyond perfect! I’m loving a load of TiBreezy1 designs and you can all check them out in the link above. I love the colours it looks so nice! You can see more Zabuza designs by clicking here.

Perverted Creep Jumper

So it turns out I am IN LOVE with Don Pidgeon’s designs! I’ve fancied quite a few of his designs and they all completely different! I’m loving the colours on this jumper!

Spike Fleece Blanket

How cool and trippy is this Cowboy Bepop blanket? I actually don’t own a bed blanket so I might treat myself this Christmas. Cowboy Bepop is such a popular anime and a die-hard fan might love this! Technodrome1 specializes in trippy designs and bold colours!
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