Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, the upcoming fighting game from Capcom will be out for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on Sept. 19th. Ahead of the launch, Capcom has announced the full line up of characters available when the game ships. They also dropped a new Story trailer, which shows a lot of improvement over the story demo released at E3. Plus, they fixed Chun-li’s face.

Here is the full roster.

Marvel Capcom
Captain America Arthur
Captain Marvel* Spencer
Doctor Strange Chris Redfield
Dormammu Chun-Li
Gamora* Dante
Ghost Rider Firebrand
Hawkeye Frank West
Hulk Jedah*
Iron Man X*
Nova Haggar
Rocket Morrigan
Spider-Man Nemesis
Thanos Ryu
Thor Strider Hiryu
Ultron* Zero
* first appearance in series

Compared to other games in the franchise, the character list is a little thin. Marvel VS Capcom 3 launched with 36 characters, with 12 more characters added a few years later in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. On top of a small character list, only 5 characters are new to the franchise. This could be because of the change from a 3v3 fighter to a 2v2 fighter, but there are huge glaring omissions from the roster. Marvel VS Capcom 2 and UMvC3 were dominated by characters like Dr. Doom, Storm, Sentinel and Magneto, yet none of these classic characters that are associated with the franchise are present. A lot of the iconic imagery from the past of the franchise was highlighted with the two most recognizable characters from each side, Wolverine from Marvel and Ryu from Capcom, yet Wolverine is completely absent. This seems more like the MCU VS Capcom than anything else, as every single character on the Marvel side has been featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Two characters have been announced out of the six planned DLC characters. Black Panther will be joining the Marvel side, while Sigma will join the Capcom side of the battlefield. These characters do not have a release date. There are rumors that Venom will be one of the other DLC characters, which would make him the second character to return from Marvel VS Capcom 2 without appearing in either iteration of 3 (The first being Thanos).

I fully expect classic characters like Storm, and Dr. Doom to be modded into the PC version of Marvel VS Capcom Infinite within the first couple weeks of release.

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