Bill & Ted Save the Universe #1

Writer: Brian Joines
Artist: Bachan
Colorist: Alex Guimaraes
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

A review by Greg Brothers

Over 16 years ago the world was introduced to two kids who were just trying to pass their history class and instead ended up going on a most excellent adventure. Amid constant rumors of a third movie instalment or a possible reboot, the duo had remained on the shelf for the last few decades. That changed a few years ago when first Marvel comics and its current home BOOM! Studios moved the stories forward with new and original story lines of the adventures of Bill & Ted.

Bill & Ted Save the Universe #1 begins as the boys are on the run from an upset Vlad the Impaler. Quickly we find out that the chase was not quite what it had seemed and was a rouse to distract Bill & Ted as their wives set up a surprise party for them. As Bill & Ted celebrate with family and friends new and old a mystery woman warns them of things to come just as the duo is kidnapped by an alien race who has a few questions for the founders of the Wyld Stallions

If you are a fan of the Bill & Ted franchise then you immediately will find yourself drawn back into their world as familiar characters like Rufus, Death, and Albert Einstein all appear through the first issue. The characters feel true to the original in both look and dialogue. The boys continue to be clueless of their impact on the world, and how their actions impact those around them. Through the introduction of several new characters, Joines is able to avoid this being a journey through the familiar and instead is able to create the start of a new and entertaining adventure.

Guimaraes’ coloring throughout Bill & Ted Save the Universe is bright and exciting. Alien creatures brighten panels with colors that pop and draw attention to them, while their human counterparts are grounded in more natural palettes. Bachan is able to express his creativeness in the design of several of the new characters while using familiar designs for fan favorites.

The Verdict
Buy it!
Bill & Ted Save the Universe #1 is a fast-paced exciting new chapter to the franchise. There is enough familiarity to draw in longtime fans of the franchise while not being filled with so many inside jokes that outsiders will feel lost. The mystery of the power that the Wyld Stallions carries is enough to make the plot seem plausible while embracing the ridiculousness of Time Travel.

Gregory Brothers
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