batman-return-to-arkhamOctober will see the return of one of the most critically acclaimed superhero games ever made, Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City – rebuilt for next-gen in an outstanding release titled Batman: Return to Arkham.

Developed by renowned game digital entertainment powerhouse Virtuos, the two titles have been remastered by the Unreal Engine 4. If recently released screenshots are to believed, then what a remastering it will be.

The versions will give players the chance to play the first two Batman titles in the Arkham series, including both Game of the Year editions, and access to all additional downloadable content.

Return to Arkham will also include improved graphics combined with upgraded models and environments. The creators of the game also claim players will also notice an improvement in the game’s lighting, effects and textures.

However, what some gamers may be most excited about is the inclusion of Virtual Reality.

In June 2016 at E3 2016, it was announced that Rocksteady was developing their first VR title using the same engine as Virtuos, Batman: Arkham VR for the PlayStation.

The game will immerse players in the world of Arkham, taking gaming to a whole new level. It will allow players to utilize Batman’s legendary gadgets to unravel a plot ‘that threatens the lives of his closest allies’. If exciting action games like this is are your thing, be sure to check out Lucky Nugget Casino where they’ve developed the genre and have slots like the delightfully gritty Batman: The Dark Knight.

Both of these new Batman installments, expect to hit shelves in mid-October, will feature the winged superheroes famous villains, including the Joker and Harley Quinn, fresh of the back of featuring in the movie Suicide Squad.

The package is an absolute must have for comic and action fans. With the addition of VR to the equation, be sure to grab your controller or put on your goggles and immerse yourself in Batman’s world.

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