Batman: Arkham VR

It’s time to dawn the cowl.

At least, in a few months it will be with Batman: Arkham VR!

A new trailer from Warner Bros. Games and Rocksteady Studios looks back at the San Diego Comic-Con demo as fans offer their testimonials for the game while also giving us a glimpse of the Batcave through Batman’s eyes.

This new trailer is a first-person view as Batman drops from Wayne Manor into the Batcave. It gives gamers an immersive experience in one of the most iconic locations in comics. It also shows the Batman putting on his mask and showing off his Batarang skills.

The story doesn’t just follow Batman chillin’ in the Batcave though! Someone very close to Bruce Wayne has been murdered and it’s up to the world’s greatest detective to solve it. You’ll be using your detective skills to recreate the crime scene. There’s not any footage of how the game handles action sequences yet.

Batman: Arkham VR is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title and will be released this coming October! Check out the SDCC fan reaction trailer below!


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