Batgirl #25

Writers: Marguerite Bennett, Mairghread Scott, Paul Dini
Artists: Tom Derenick, Paul Pelletier, Emanuela Lupacchino and others
Cover: Rafael Albuquerque
Published by: DC Comics

Review by Cameron Kieffer

Two years after DC Rebirth and Batgirl is still going strong.  This deluxe issue delivers a few different stories starring Babs and features art from a bevy of talented artists.  The first story by Mairghread Scott, picks up a thread from Batman #48 and features both a strong heart-to-heart between Batgirl and a grieving mother, as well as a fun and all-too-rare scene between Babs and her on-and-off beau Dick Grayson.  Scott also gives us a taste of things to come with a much darker tale and the return of a terrifying old villain with the aptly named “Grotesque.”  Animal lovers beware!

While Scott’s writing balances the Babs we know and love with a darker atmosphere, the art has a less consistent feel.  The first story features pencils by Tom Derenick and while he nails our heroine’s youthful expressions, her body is typical of most female characters with the large chest, tiny waist, and long legs that don’t quite match with the current look she’s maintained the last few years.  Scott’s next arc features art by Paul Pelletier, who fares much better in showcasing Babs in a toned down, realistic yet stylized fashion that is much more in line with the “Batgirl of Burnside” depiction.

Having not read Batgirl since the first arc of the new Rebirth series, I found this issue to be surprisingly accessible, despite the tie-in to Batman’s wedding and it was nice to see a return to the hyper-intelligent, yet vulnerable leading lady.  The story does a fine job of transitioning to a new creative team and a new arc and serves as a great jumping on point if, like me, you haven’t picked up the book in a while and would like a fresh start.

The Verdict: Check it out!

Batgirl is on her way to a new direction (with a new costume on the way) and this over-sized issue is a good starting point for anyone who’s interested in the character or old readers who may have dropped off.

Cameron Kieffer
Cameron Kieffer wears many hats. He is a freelance writer and artist, creator of the webcomic "Geek Theory" and is co-host of the Nerd Dump podcast. He lives in Topeka with his wife and increasingly growing comic book collection.

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