Animosity #1 

Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Rafael De Latorre
Colorist: Rob Schwager
Letterer: Marshall Dillon
Publisher: Aftershock

Reviewed by David Hildebrand


Ok, I’m two weeks behind the release of this book.  But the first issue of Animosity, (the new Aftershock series written by Marguerite Bennett) was so fantastic, that I wanted to take the time and give it the proper review that it deserves!

I have a Chihuahua named Chewie. And like with most domesticated animals, he screws up and I have to snap at him. Sometimes he walks away, looks back, only to go lay down and I guess think about what he has done… probably not, but that’s what I like to think. Other times, I’ll scold him and he will just sit there and stare at me.  I’ll look back at him and numerous times, I’m wondering what he’s thinking. Well thanks to Marguerite Bennett, I might have some insight to what he is thinking in that little head of his!

What would you do one day if the animals “woke” up? What would you do if they began to think independently, speak, and were of their own free will?  These are the questions that the human race are now faced with in the first issue of Animosity.  I have been a fan of Bennett’s work for a long time now.  I heard this book was coming out and I am mad at myself for just now getting the opportunity to read it.

This review may have a few spoilers but it is to show how interesting and captivating the first issue is. Bennett begins her story with a few every day scenarios involving animals. A dog being put to sleep at the vet. A polar bear preparing to make a meal of out a seal. A killer whale at an amusement park performing. A house cat is sleeping with its owners. Minutes later, something unexplained happens and just like that, the animals are self aware and begin to take their revenge out on the world. But not all are vengeful. For every bird that attacks, every deer that wants revenge for a human striking one of their family with a car, you have the dog that forgives his owners for putting him to sleep, saying that he understands the decision. The polar bear asks himself what has he done after he sinks his teeth into the seal. That killer whale tells his trainer that he’s in love with her. That cat sleeping with its owners… yeah, he warns the husband that if he strikes his wife one more time, he is going to claw his f***ing eyes out! This book launches us right into the middle of things at the start. The first few pages are really a lot of fun!

A hound dog named Sandor also wakes up right in front of his owner and companion, a young girl named Jesse. He tells her that he loves her and the girl is over the moon that her dog can talk.  She tells her mom that Sandor spoke and the mother suggests that she should teach him other tricks as well. She isn’t aware that the dog actually spoke. From there, Jesse’s father busts into the room warning Jesse to get away from Sandor, then all of a sudden birds break the windows of their apartment and begin their ambush. Jesse’s parents, along with other animals try to find an escape route for them and the other residents.  The rest of the issue revolves around the escape and Sandor putting his life on the line early to save little Jesse.

Have I said that I am a fan of this book yet?  Bennett dives right into the deep end with this first issue. This isn’t some cliche first issue. We aren’t spinning our wheels for half the book waiting for something to happen. It happens on the first damn page! And the whole issue is very well written. Del Latorre’s art is wonderful as well. A big part to this book is making the animals come across as realer than real and Del Latorre crushes it! The details and emotions on the animal’s faces are brilliant and Schwager’s gritty colors make everything seem even more real.

The Verdict
Buy it!!
I’m not going any further, you have to go out and buy this book! It tugs at your feelings, as well as delivers some bloody action.  As I’m typing this, I see that is is already going into its 3rd printing. I think this is amazing and well deserving.  I have it as one of my favorites for the year already at the first issue. So do yourself a favor, go out and buy this book! Hell, train an animal to boost one for you if you have to! But you need to get your hands on this first issue of Animosity!

Dave Hildebrand
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