Quantum and Woody #1Writer: Christopher Hastings
Artist: Ryan Browne
Colorist: Ruth Redmond
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Publisher: Valiant

The world’s worst superheroes are back … well they would be if they weren’t wanted fugitives. But Woody has a plan to get back into the public’s (and the government’s) good graces again, and Quantum and Woody #1 starts it off with Woody showing off his new power: Fortune-telling?

Quantum and Woody #1 is a super accessible first issue. It explains quickly who they are, their powers, and why they’re on the run all within three pages without sacrificing time for the story, which is a mad-science story. Quantum and Woody’s creation and their usual antagonists all have something to do with science gone awry. Despite being the villains of the story, the Krammerjäger family exudes a homey vibe. The kids can say the worst things ever, but because of their portrayal, you almost sympathize and say “aww.” Regardless of how absurd the science and powers get, Christopher Hastings is able to ground the story with Washington attempting to pass ethics laws, and Quantum and Woody’s desire to be heroes again.

Ryan Browne’s art is dynamic! It’s over-the-top action with lots of energy blasts, explosions, and punching. But more importantly, the faces are expressive. It’s no use having great action if the artist can’t also draw faces showing emotion or even mundane things, like a grown man in the fetal position. Ruth Redmond’s colors are perfect for this book. The powers, alternate dimensional settings –it all works. They’re bright and vibrant, and they clash horribly. Only in an alternate dimension could orange, green, and purple backgrounds go together.

Quantum and Woody #1 is a story about family. And sometimes families do crazy things to achieve their desires. Mad science and crazy schemes are just two examples. This issue is a great introduction for new readers with a healthy dose of absurdism.

Quantum and Woody #1 goes on sale in stores January 29, 2020


Absurd Optimism


Jumping on Point


Sci-Fi Action


Crazy Colors


Curious Story

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