Art of Over the Garden Wall

Created By: Patrick McHale
Art By: Nick Cross and Jim Campbell
Commentary By:
 Sean Edgar
President & Publisher: Mike Richardson
Editor: Cardner Clark
Designer: Justin Couch
Digital Art Technicians: Conley Smith and Melissa Martin
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

A review by Samantha Pearson

Art of Over the Garden Wall Hardcover

Over the Garden Wall is one of the strangest, most beautiful series I’ve ever laid eyes on. Its bizarre story, quirky characters, and super creepy elements made it an instant fave, and I’ve greedily consumed everything I could since watching the mini series. 

Luckily, the series struck a chord with lots of others. It also proved itself to be one of the most innovative cartoons of the last decade, and provided publishers with plenty of incentive to produce supplemental content.

Although BOOM! Studios publishes the Over the Garden Wall comics, Dark Horse Books is releasing two art books about the series. The Art of Over the Garden Wall Hardcover comes out September 13, as well as a limited edition version that has only 1,000 copies in print.

For fans of the series, this book is a must-have. 188 full-color pages explore concept art, sketches, production art, and more. Commentary provided by series creators Patrick McHale and Nick Cross enhance the experience, as well as quotes from the cast and crew.

Art of Over the Garden Wall Limited Edition

It dives deep into the creation of Over the Garden Wall, beginning with creator Patrick McHale’s assurances to Cartoon Network executive vice president Rob Sorcher that the series would be “at least decent.”

The miniseries aired over the course of five days on Cartoon Network in November 2014. It was obvious that Over the Garden Wall was far more than “at least decent.” This layered, plot-packed, mystery-driven cartoon packed to the brim with characters who are hardly lacking in depth is absolutely unique and absolutely incredible.

In 2015, it took home critical acclaim in the form of Emmys and a Reuben Award, among other accolades. Since then, it’s achieved near-cult status among cartoon fans. And Dark Horse Books’ Art of Over the Garden Wall contains hundreds of nuggets of much-craved information about the show.

Art of Over the Garden Wall dives deep into the creative process behind one of the most innovative children’s mini series in recent memory. Every page begs readers to immerse themselves in the experiential retelling of how the series was conceptualized and then executed. 

Buy it! You can order the hardcover for $39.99 at Dark Horse’s website by clicking here. To get your hands on the limited edition version of Art of Over the Garden Wall for $49.99, order it on Dark Horse by clicking here.

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