Artists: Marvin Law, Gibson Quarter, James Zintel
Colorist: Sharon Gauthier
Cover Artists:
Marvin Law, Colin Work
Letterer: Jeff Burton
Editor: Martin Boruta
Publisher: MiniJeff Productions

The Superhero of Saskatchewan returns to save the day in The Adventures of Auroraman #6. Auroraman has to stop Cartridge and Dr. Winterkill from executing their various shenanigans in two short stories. In the third story, Cartridge carries the first stage of Baron von Schnitzel’s plan to get rid of Auoraman! Jeff Burton concludes the issue with one about his ever-growing collection of tattoos.

Burton continues to write fun little short stories with bad puns and quick one-liners. And what else would you expect from a father and school teacher? Burton also lays the groundwork for the next issue’s story, which promises to be an interesting gauntlet for Auroraman. In two of the stories, someone gets overly excited about winning some sort of prize. The first occurrence comes out of left field and actually leads to distracting Auroraman just enough to let Cartridge escape. The second time just doesn’t make any sense and could have been left out entirely without affecting the story.

Sharon Gauthier, Marvin Law, Gibson Quarter, and James Zintel do a great job on the art for The Adventures of Auroraman #6. The panels are easy to follow and a lot of fun to look at. Even their turning characters into 8-Bit graphics is fun to see. Sometimes the constructs Auroraman conjures are a little difficult to see because the fluorescent green color overpowers the outline of the object.

Burton’s lettering for dialogue gets better with each issue. The word bubbles are consistent sizes, well placed, and the same goes for the text inside. The tails are also an appropriate size, but probably a little long for my tastes, and they don’t have to touch the characters’ mouths. But for sound effects, it seems like he is going through each style. In one panel he uses four different styles of lettering, three of them for characters’ laughs.

The Adventures of Auroraman #6 is a fun collection of stories with an Archie Comics-meets-superhero adventure kind of vibe. If you’re looking for some old-fashioned, fun comics to read that the whole family can enjoy, you can’t go wrong with Auroraman.

The Adventures of Auroraman #6 debuts at SaskExpo, September 14 and 15, 2019.

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