Rush: The Making of a Farewell to KingsWriters: David Calcano, Lindsay Lee
Illustrators: Juan Riera, Ittai Manero
Colorists: Ittai Manero, Lindsay Lee
Editors: Beth Scorzato, Mark Irwin
Rush Historian: Ray Wawrzyniak
Publisher: Fantoons

For those of you who don’t know, Rush is a Canadian prog-rock power trio who launched their first album in the early ’70s. They have a penchant for creating lyrics dealing with a lot of fantasy and science fiction. Rush: The Making of a Farewell to Kings is the story of how they made their fifth studio album after the disappointing reception of their Caress of Steel album, their first commercial breakthrough with 2112, and the album release tour that would follow.

Farewell to Kings is a narrative told like an interview. The 2018 versions of Rush and their producer Terry Brown recall the events and conversations surrounding the creation of the album. That includes the reception of Caress of Steel and 2112, the recording and writing process, and touring. David Calcano and Lindsay Lee do a great job balancing what happened with the band members’ personalities and experiences.

The art by Juan Riera and Ittai Manero have two different styles. One style is slightly more cartoonish with simple line details. The second is slightly more detailed, but you’ll barely notice the difference unless you’re looking for it. They do a great job with page splashes and dragons. One thing that bothers me is the evolution of the artists’ interpretation of Geddy Lee’s chin. It goes from a broad, cleft chin to a long and square jaw.

Ittai Manero and Lindsay Lee’s colors are bright and vibrant, perfect for the psychedelic elements shown to reveal the imagination of the band. I particularly like how they change the colors to monochromatic to show when the characters are having a memory from much earlier in their histories.

Rush: The Making of a Farewell to Kings is a book not only about the music industry, but also a close-up on one of music’s most influential rock bands. This book is a must-buy if you are a fan of Rush.

Rush: The Making of a Farewell to Kings is available to pre-order on Amazon and is expected to release on September 10, 2019.

Rush: The Making of a Farewell to Kings


Canadian Prog Rock History


Psychedelic Art


Music Industry Inside Look


Inspiring Creativity


Strong Narrative

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