The teaser trailer out of SDCC for Luke Cage had me on the edge of my seat with anticipation and the full length trailer sent me over the moon.

The series headlines with Mike Colter from The Goodwife and was a reoccurring character in Jessica Jones as Luke Cage. Frankie Faison looks to play an important role as ‘Pop’ in the neighborhood barbershop. Rosario Dawson plays a prominent role in the trailer reprising her role as Claire. Mahershala Ali is playing the central villain as Cornell ‘Cotton Mouth’ Stokes. It’s also set to introduce us to another hero, Misty Knight, who is played by Simone Missack.

Luke Cage

Cheo Hodari Coker, the show-runner, in an interview with EW compared the show to The Wire. Fans of The Wire will think this is a high bar to set. Based on the trailer, the show seems to fit right in with the current Marvel TV universe shows with and a dark gritty tone in Harlem. The trailer even manages to provide a little fan service, although if you blink you might miss it.

Luke Cage Tiara and Guantlet

There’s another great shot with Cotton Mouth in front of a Biggie poster and the crown looks like it’s on Cotton Mouth’s head. That is an epic shot while delivering part of a bad guy monologue.


Every episode of the series will be named after a ‘Gang Star’ song. Cheo Coker has been releasing the titles of the episodes one day at a time on his twitter. This makes sense because the show runner cut his teeth writing about hip-hop in the 90’s for the LA Times.

Now we have to wait until the 30th of September for the full series. Here’s hoping it’s lit!

Luke Cage cover

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