I’ve become slightly addicted to these My Little Pony Mystery Mini’s. If you recall in my last post I mentioned that I’ve never watched the Television show nor did I care of it as a child but at the age of 25 I can finally appreciate their cuteness! I was very impressed with my last Mystery Mini that I decided to treat myself to another… and another… and maybe two more after that. BUT before that please enjoy these images and post!

my little pony mystery mini

(You might see that I may be repeating myself from the last post but this is for new followers and it may happen in the next post, my apologise if this)

This little Mystery Mini box comes from series 1 of the My Little Pony collection. There are 3 series in total. If I’m honest none of the Funko’s from the second series, appealed to me, I didn’t think they seemed that interesting to look at either, maybe not being a diehard fan from the beginning and not knowing who the characters are from an early age I just don’t appreciate the characters enough to want them. I’ve bought two boxes from the series 3 line so expect them to come soon.

my little pony mystery mini my little pony mystery mini

Again I’m reiterating the fact that I wouldn’t mind any from the first series of mini Funko’s, sine they all look so prett!! There are 12 to collect all together in the first wave of My Little Pony Mystery Mini’s, two of them being glow in the dark.  There are 1/12 chances for each one which is very fair. The 12 characters are;

Derpy (glow in the dark)
DJ Pon-3
DJ Pon-3 (glow in the dark)
Dr Whooves
Lyra Heartstrings
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash (quite possibly my favourite, hopefully I will manage to snag her the more mini’s I buy)
Sweetie Drops

I still would really like Rainbow Dash from this series! She looks gorgeous and would make a fine addition to my figurine wall!

And I got…

my little pony mystery mini

DJ Pon-3!!

She matches well with my Pinkie Pie! The pink and blue will work really well together!! She has a ‘too cool for school’ image about her and I love it. The hair colour is gorgeous and she has music notes on both side of her back legs. So, who is DJ Pon-3?!

my little pony mystery mini

DJ Pon-3
DJ Pon-3 is a unicorn pony whose also a disc jockey (that’s pretty cool!) and she makes several appearances within the television series, in the IDW comics as well as the chapter books and of course merchandise!! With some merchandising pieces she is called Vinyl Scratch, which is even cooler to be honest!! That’s an awesome stage name don’t you think? But in the My Little Pony universe her name is DJ Pon-3. She has never spoken on the show, which means she isn’t she isn’t considered a main protagonist so there is no massive back story like you got with Pinkie Pie.

my little pony mystery mini my little pony mystery mini

I’m slightly disappointed I did not get Rainbow Dash but I’m still happy with Vinyl Scratch (I prefer that name). Like I said above she goes well with my Rainbow Dash. Hope you enjoyed my post and you enjoyed my images.

You can buy My Little Pony Mystery Mini’s here

my little pony mystery mini

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