50 years of Star Trek? No. Star Trek can’t be 50. It’s the future.

I’m hardly one to talk, though. I’m only 28. Star Trek might as well be 100 for all I know. Those voyages of the Starship Enterprise have been a part of mainstream culture all my life.

I’m not going to lie to you and claim to have had a strong connection to Star Trek growing up. You’ll have to thank my Netflix account for finally giving me the chance to watch all of The Next Generation. It was a background thing. Ethereal. It existed without having to watch it. I watched First Contact on VHS. Data gave me nightmares. But I do love it. I love this series that takes so much time to talk and discuss. I love the diversity. I love the optimism and the promise in its premise. And I’m going to celebrate 50 years of Star Trek like I’ve been there from the beginning.

I learned a lot from this event, including just how many of our staff only got into Star Trek because of J.J. Abrams. What can I say? Mission Accomplished? We skew young around here, but that doesn’t mean we don’t remember our history. Some of my favourite articles coming up today explore the dark times that came after the cancellation and before The Next Generation. Back when it looked a lot less like 50 years of Star Trek and a whole lot more like 3.

We have approximately twenty-five articles to share with you today. Half an article for every year since Star Trek has been on the air. Some are short and sweet. Others take their time. While our focus is mostly on The Original Series for this anniversary, thoughts have occasionally meandered through its sister series as well.

I guarantee you we’ll have something worth reading.

Did you despise the death of Captain Kirk? We might change your mind on that. Want to read a Star Trek novel but don’t know where to start? We got you covered. Think you know our answer to Star Trek vs. Star Wars? Think again.

We’ll talk about Galaxy Quest. We’ll talk about sex. We’ll even talk about Andromeda.

Thank you once again to all of our amazing contributors who continue to make each site event bigger and better than the last every time we put out the call. It’s been a pleasure working with everybody involved and this day WOULD NOT EXIST without you.

Live long and prosper,


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Billy Seguire
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