4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #2

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Art/Design: Tyler Boss
Flatting: Clare Dezutti
Letterer: Thomas Mauer
Wallpaper Design: Courtney Menard
Publisher: Black Mask Studios

Review by David Hildebrand

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #2I was really impressed with the first issue of 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank. The cover is what initially caught my eye. I knew nothing about the book but decided to give it a chance. The issue contained likeable characters and cynical humor. It had a certain charm and was clearly influenced by 80’s films such as The Goonies, as well as crime dramas. I loved it and was eagerly looking forward to what the second issue had in store.

We pick up 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #2 in the same way that we began the first.  The kids are playing a game and discussing the events that just unfolded. There were some pretty unsavory guys looking for Paige’s father. What did they want with him? After they broke into their house, why was he meeting with them?  Paige has a plan to find out what is going on. The introduction to each character was pretty well taken care of in the first issue. This issue focuses more on the lead character Paige and fleshing out the plot of the story. All the characters appear, but there is more focus on Bulger in this issue, outside of Paige. With Bulger’s help, she conjures up a half-assed plan to track down where the thugs live, break into their house and look for clues that would lead to a connection between them and her father.  Things hit a snag of course and from here it will be interesting to see how the situation unfolds.

Once again, Rosenberg’s writing is top notch.  There are a lot of funny moments in this issue, but it does have a much more dramatic and serious tone compared to the first. We are starting to get more depth out of the characters, more so with Paige and Bulger. And we get to see how brilliant Walter’s intelligence is, which could easily be foreshadowing to a bigger moment for him later in the story.  Stretch doesn’t have much to say, but he shows why I consider him to be Paige’s “second in command” after he helps progress with her plan.  Boss’s art remains engaging. It’s the little details he illustrates to liven up the characters. From the anime type sparkles in the kids’ eyes when they are excited to the Looney Tunes explosion aftermath scene where all the characters are blackened and smoking, it all adds style.

The Verdict:
Buy It!
 I’m loving this book. It is witty, funny, and has influences from movies that I love. The story is original and well crafted. It is hard to find books like this today. In my experience, I find I have to really care about the characters to fully enjoy a book and want to continue with it. 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #2 has characters who are all likeable and you cheer for them. Black Mask has a hit on their hands with this series and if you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and track down the first two issues of this fantastic book!

Dave Hildebrand
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