The wait is finally over!! The 19 Days Valentine’s special is here, and I cannot wait to read it!! In the last Valentine’s special, we saw both couples (I assume) in the same Hot Spring Resort, about to get their special massages (oo-er). So how does the situation continue? Let’s find out…

Both couples are getting ready for their massages. While the tension builds between Zhang and Jian Yi, the opposite can be said for the other two…

Even though this isn’t how I envisioned the plot to go I still loved it!! I was looking forward to this special because I felt there was some development in the relationship between Guanshan and Tian. Obviously, there can’t be too much development; otherwise, it ruins the main plot, but I do feel once their relationship gets better whilst they’re in middle school so will their relationship in the future specials. Even here you can see that Guanshan is still slightly guarded but he is more…I wouldn’t say accepting but more gullible as He Tian doesn’t seem to have changed a bit.

I could feel the tension brewing with Jian Yi and Zhang in their part. How can writing the word quiet creating such an atmosphere?! Old Xian is keeping us at the edge of our seats! I wonder if the reason for seeing barely any development, even when they’re grown up is because of China’s views on homosexuality in art and culture. With the arrest of 10 Count’s artist, you cannot blame Old Xian with being careful in what they display in their work.

Next Chapter: Well we’ll probably see the boys either annoying each other, getting kidnapped or experiencing extreme daddy issues. I’m going to with all of the above, maybe not a kidnapping because that was soo 2018!!

You can read 19 Days here.

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