My apologies with the delays on these recaps. When you’re working every day from 7 a.m- 10 p.m busting your guts out, something has to take a back seat. Unfortunately, it’s this. Luckily, I had a Monday off with not much to do so I’ll be playing catch up with your favourite yaoi manhua. In the last chapter, we saw He Tian’s phone being stolen which he eventually got back. So what happens next? Let’s find out…

He Tian manages to get his phone back and Guanshan spots images of him on He Tian’s phone. Unable to get the phone out He Tian’s grasp Guanshan does the only thing he can do in this dilemma; he throws He Tian’s bag in the river…

I enjoyed this chapter. The more I read it, the more I enjoy it! It’s really cute and really funny. The last panel is everything! The colouring being used is perfect. The blending of blue and grey is brilliant, and with the orange reflection in the water are fantastic touches. It looks so romantic and beautiful. Amazing job Old Xian!

I cannot believe he threw the bag in the water. The boy is at his final tether!! Both are just as bad as each other. Mo Guanshan needs to be more relaxed while He Tian needs to back the hell up!! I honestly don’t think Guanshan is sacred of him, maybe deep down he knows not to be, even though he should be shitting his pants.

Ah Jian Yi, our little lovesick puppy! I’m STILL wondering where his mother has gone. He seems not to care if she has gone. Where is she?!

Next chapter: Another school day I think, or it could be a continuation of this. Or Old Xian will surprise us and give us some Zhang background or homelife. What does that boy get up to when Jian Yi isn’t around? Does he have other friends? I would like to know more about him!

You can read 19 Days here.

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