We’ve been fortunate enough to have a 19 Days Special! The chapter takes place during the Chinese New Year which is usually referred to as ‘The Spring Festival’ in its homeland, China. The chapter has been broken into two parts. One focusing on Jian Yi and Zhang and the other focusing on Guanshan and He Tian. What are the boys planning for Spring Festival? Let’s find out…


Jian Yi is heading to his grandmothers house but he doesn’t want to leave Zhang behind who didn’t buy him a present, so Zhang has to make a quick decision! Whilst this is happening, He Tian refuses to spend time with his family for The Spring festival but has another idea instead…


It’s a cute little side story. The colouring of the first half with Jian Yi and Zhang is absolutely beautiful. The sunset in the background looks like it’s done from watercolor, it looks absolutely stunning! It’s also nice to see Jian Yi’s mother alive. Still, wish I knew what happened to her!

The He Tian and Mo Guanshan storyline is nothing new, or special. This is the same type of scenario we see in the regular chapters, so it is pretty underwhelming.

I have no right to comment on anyone’s drawing or artwork. I’m not an artist (or painter) so I may be completely wrong in my observation, but He Tian’s arm in the shower panel looks incredibly odd. Maybe it’s the way it’s meant to be positioned. I have no idea, but it looks bizarre.

I did enjoy the ending of the second half, where he goes from screaming at him for rubbing his genitals in his towel to ‘come eat some dumplings.’ I thought that was really cute. The ending of the first half was also adorable. Jian Yi’s got it bad!!

Next chapter:

I swear if it’s not a continuation of last years Valentine’s specials, I will be extremely pissed!

You can read 19 Days here

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