19 Days is back, and I cannot wait to see what Old Xian has in store for us this time! The last chapter was amazing. I haven’t been this excited about a new chapter in a very long time. In the last chapter, we saw Guanshan confessing that he would never forget He Tian. Ever. Needless to say, He Tian was incredibly touched. So what’s happening this week?


He Tian and Mo Guanshan are on the train heading home, whilst talking about his brother He Tian loses a valuable possession…


This chapter was incredibly underwhelming for me. It’s getting repetitive, and the characters are remaining the same. Guanshan needs to relax and stop being so stubborn. I’m not surprised he waited. I mean he’s not an arsehole. It would’ve been nice if Guanshan had made an effort to follow him.

I’m loving the character development in He Tian! He’s so calm now, and he’s becoming my favourite character. He’s so gentle with him. I understand he’s a complete pain to Guanshan. At the same time, Little Mo has to ease up a bit.

I can imagine when Mo finally relaxes, even the slightest, he’ll go into some major panic, but that would be more interesting than him constantly being grumpy. I feel as if we’re going to have to wait even longer for the slightest development to happen. I’m looking forward to the Valentine’s chapter. Hopefully, we’ll see softer to Guanshan then.

Next chapter:

We’re definitely going to be seeing Jian Yi and Zhang in the next chapter. In their last chapter, Jan Yi gave Zhang an indirect kiss and was also planning on making a curry. Maybe the next chapter will be Jian Yi being a doting housewife.

It could also be a continuation of this chapter and why that schoolgirl stole He Tian’s phone. I have a theory that She Li asked her, and now we’ll have to witness the repercussions and why he wanted He Tian’s phone. We’ll have to wait and see

You can read 19 Days here.

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