In the last chapter, we saw Mo Guanshan masking his fancy for He Tian by insulting him, while He Tian decided to be more tactful about showing his feelings for Little kissing his neck. So, what can we expect in the next chapter? He Tian waking up in a hospital bed? Let’s find out…

Jian Yi walks in on the aftermath of He Tian kissing Mo Guanshan’s neck who, of course, is absolutely livid. Since ‘Crazy is Contagious’ he sensibly walks away but is it too late?!

This chapter reminded me of the early chapters of the manga where it was just cute and funny, and they were boys who go to middle school. Now, soo much gangster is going on. You forget that sometimes, they are just innocent little boys, with some terrifying fathers.

Look how embarrassed he is!! Poor thing!! He Tian has really put him on the spot. The school children clearly represent us fangirls in this chapter. Look at them all!! Like vultures! Little Mo also needs to get a better group of friends who defend him when he’s humiliated. I also completely understand their confusion over this entire situation. Why is He Tian kissing our mate on the neck? Why is Guanshan blushing? Are they pinching each other? Lots of question that they would clearly want answers for.

Oh, Jian Yi you loveable idiot. That deadpan gaze is absolutely hysterical. The facial expressions in this chapter are on point and convey the humour and confusion each character feels so well, especially with Mo Guanshan’s friends.

Poor Zhang, he also can’t catch a break. I honestly cannot wait until he becomes the main protagonist for a little while. I really do want an arc centered around him and how he feels and his background. We know so much about everyone else but barely anything about Zhang. He’s due time to shine!

Next Chapter: It’ll either be a continuation of this. OR, it’ll be a Christmas special which I cannot wait for!! Last year, the chapters were based in the future, so maybe we’ll have another future chapter this time around too!

You can read 19 Days here.

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