19 Days is back, and we’re finally getting a new, more riveting plotline!! Thank you Old Xian!! In the last chapter, we saw He Cheng arriving at the school to discuss He Tian’s behaviour who asked him for a favour!! What will happen in this chapter? 

The boys rush to see Mo Guanshan and He Tian who are being punished for… not really doing anything. Guanshan is there, but Tian is nowhere in sight…where could he be…

Well. WELL!! What a nice blend of angst and humour!! Let’s start at the beginning: the first panel is absolutely adorable I mean look at Jian Yi’s face!! Look at him dragging Zhang and look at Zhang for not pushing him away whilst he’s grabbing his hand!!

Oh wow, She Li clearly didn’t have a clue what He Tian is about. I cannot believe he’s carrying a cutting knife with him wherever he goes!! The kid is a sociopath!! He definitely has sadist tendencies, He Tian is definitely on to something when he says he has a kink for hurting people…or he’s the complete opposite. He’s hiding behind this bad boy attitude when in fact he isn’t, just like Mo Guanshan. I looved the returning the coke panels. I loved it!! He had it coming, and I love how badass He Tian is. I also love how Old Xian has reminded us that She Li is just a kid. Sometimes you can forget that.

‘Waifu-in-distress’!! That was so cute and funny!! I love how Jian Yi is all for this relationship. He ships them just as much as the fandom!! The last panel was soo ridiculous! Can you believe he has a group chat with just all girls?! I mean come on!!

Next Chapter: It’s either a straight continuation or it’ll take place after school is over. Whatever it is, I honestly cannot wait!!

You can read 19 Days here


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