Old Xian is currently busy working on her next artbook (which I cannot wait to buy), so the chapters are taking longer to come out, but that doesn’t matter. Each chapter is becoming more and more excited. She’s still managing to keep us wanting more. The last chapter saw Jian Yi inner-creep surfacing as he was feeling up Zhang’s leg in a public place. They’re currently in Zhang’s house. What’s going to happen next? Let’s find out…

Jian Yi and Zhang have invited themselves over to Guanshan’s house, where Jian Yi has a big surprise for Guanshan, which is then followed by another big surprise

He’s back!! How on Earth did he get back is the question we should be asking ourselves. Look how Guanshan is holding on to his trousers. He doesn’t know what to do!! After all these dreams he must be very confused right now! God knows what the boy had to endure whilst trying to escape. I’ll doubt we’ll find out anytime soon. There might be a flashback chapter coming soon!

I completely understand Guanshan’s reaction to Jian Yi giving him money. I would’ve reacted the same way. We all know that Guanshan is a very proud person, so does Jian Yi, we know he means well but it is a patronising thing to do but he is slowly softening to them. However, I do feel the boy needs his space, right?!

Also, I want to talk about Jian Yi wearing black during this chapter. Any time something gangster related happens to one of the other boys (Zhang and Guanshan) the gangster kids (the other two) always wear black. Anyone else noticed that? I have no idea if this is on purpose by Old Xian or not. Whenever I see them wearing black, I’m reminded who their family is and their background, these kids can have your life ended with the snap of their finger.

Next chapter:

Hopefully a continuation of this chapter. It has to be. I want to know what happened!!

You can read 19 Days here.


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