19 Days is back and what a ride it’s been. Due to the lack of internet and time (I am a very busy girl), I have two chapters to recap you on! In the last chapter, we saw Guanshan having a not-so-subtle dream of our beloved He Tian! What will happen this time around? A dream sequel? Let’s find out…

He Tian is still at his father’s place and is growing impatient. He attempts to leave, but his father has not made it easy. Meanwhile, Guanshan is suffering from a lack of sleep…

What a dysfunctional family!! I feel for He Tian is this chapter. He clearly does not want to meet his Dad, and he’s having to wait?! It’s utterly ridiculous!! To top it off he didn’t even want to meet him in the first place!! This is a favour he’s doing to keep Guanshan safe, and his father is not being fair!! I also can’t grasp why his father would already put a series of obstacles for him to do if he even tries to escape! He’s a child!!

Did anyone else pick up on the fact he said that the missus’ food doesn’t suit his tastes? His tastes are meant only for one food connoisseur! I’m still impressed with the fact Old Xian remembers such tiny details. I probably would’ve forgotten that He Tian only eats what Guanshan makes.

Speaking of Guanshan, the poor boy is still dreaming of He Tian. He looks soo tired, poor baby! Ahh, he subconsciously misses him!! That’s pretty cute! Bless him with his trouser problem! I think things are slowly building up to something. Especially since we had an official art piece of Guanshan and He Tian kissing, she knows we’re getting impatient, and I cannot wait for the result.

Next chapter: I already know what happens in the next chapter I’m afraid, you’ll have to wait for my next article to find out what happens!

You can read 19 Days here. 

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