19 Days is back with another thrilling segment. In the last chapter, we saw Zhang and Jian Yi hugging it out and discussing college choices. We saw Zhang’s more affectionate side and the fandom was very happy. What happens in the next chapter? Let’s find out…

Jian Yi and Zhang Xixi are on their way to see Mo Guanshan at the hospital, but get slightly distracted by a cute little kitten. Meanwhile, Guanshan gets a surprise visit at the hospital.

A lot happens in this chapter so I’ll go through it from the beginning. Jian Yi and Zhang’s encounter with the mother cat was incredibly cute. I cannot tell if Jian Yi is purposely making a connection with his mother and the kitten’s mother or not. His expressions show nothing of how he’s feeling. It’s cute how he’s referring to her as ‘Big Boss.’ I loved the use of colour in these two panels. The use of primary and secondary colours was perfect.

Also, may I point out that this is Jian Yi’s second visit to the hospital Guanshan at the hospital in a day!! What a lovely character he is!

We finally see Mo Guanshan warming up to the other two boys! This is a long time coming! I mean Jian Yi ruined it slightly, but it is a start! The last time we saw Mo and Zhang interact with each other was when Little Mo was a little bastard and smacked Zhang’s head in with a rock. We know Mo won’t apologize yet, but I do feel he wants to make amends. I wonder what Mo’s secret is!? I think we’re going to find out soon too.

She Li, the evil little shithead, is back!! He’s such a psychotic little teenager. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything is okay between him and Mo after he stitched him up for sexual assault. However, you can’t blame Mo for being slightly terrified.

Next Chapter: The chapter after this one came out a few days after before I had time to write this article. So I won’t spoil it for you here.

You can read 19 Days here.

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