This chapter came out so quickly after the first I had to play catch up!! In the last chapter of 19 Days we saw Zhang Xixi drawing a cute little turd on Jian Yi’s hand while Jian Yi dealt with his inner feelings. So what are we going to get this week? Let’s find out…

We see Mo Guanshan sitting by himself as his friend approaches him. They spot two girls and have their general boy chat. When Mo is asked if he’s in love, well, he doesn’t take it lightly…and then He Tian comes along…

This chapter started off soo cute and funny!!! And then He Tian got violent and it was ruined for me. Violence again? C’mon man cut it out!! I’m not being PC about this because at the end of the day it is a fictional story with fictional situations, however this behaviour is getting boring plot wise. In the last few chapters centred around these two we did see character development with both characters and now we’re back to being guarded and punches. However I can see where He Tian’s frustrations come from, it must be difficult when you’re trying your best for someone and it just comes back and slaps you on the face.

The beginning was really funny for me. I do like his friend he seems to really care for Guanshan. Also he mentions that Guanshan hasn’t been in the cafeteria for a while. Maybe he’s avoiding certain people (cough She Li cough). I think my favourite part and probably the favourite part for the whole fandom is when little Mo Mo is shouting “YOU ARE IN LOVE!! YOUR WHOLE FAMILY IS IN LOVE!!” I haven’t laughed out loud with this manhua in ages but I couldn’t contain it!! I was howling!!! How old is Mo?!

Next chapter – Not a clue. Not one. If I was to hazard a guess, the next chapter WILL have She Li!! I mean, it has to right?! They all go to the same school together so he should make a brief appearance!

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