The last two chapters of 19 Days…well…fell slightly flat for my tastes. I honestly want to know how Zhang is feeling. I hope that Old Xian isn’t planning on pushing this under a rug. The story cannot really continue now that the feelings are out in the open. In the last chapter we saw Jian Yi and Zhang waking up from the night before where Jian Yi confessed his feelings to Zhang. I’m hoping in this next chapter we will find closure. I honestly want to know what’s going through his head. Am I going to get my wish? Let’s find out…

The chapter starts with He Tian and Mo Guanshan in an elevator. Just as the elevator door is about to close when a delivery man stops it. He tells them that the service elevator is broken and do they mind if he can squeeze his delivery into the elevator. Of course the boys don’t mind however the delivery is pushing Guanshan closer and closer to He Tian…

Well this isn’t the chapter we were hoping for, not by long shot buuuut we are not complaining. These two are my favourites out of all four characters so any chapter with them taking the spotlight is always a hit for me!

Mo Guanshan is incredibly aware of He Tian. Is he feeling uncomfortable because he cannot reciprocate his feelings or is he behaving this way because he’s unsure of his own feelings? Only time will tell with that one I’m afraid. He is still acting like a complete child though.

Th expressions on He Tian’s face throughout the whole chapter have been drawn beautifully. Look at the longing in his face in the panel below! It astounds me how talented Old Xian is in being able to show much emotion in one drawing without having to add dialogue.

I honestly have no idea what we have in store for us in the next chapter but I do believe it’s going to be a doozy.

You can read 19 Days here.

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