Old Xian is officially back in business and has been drawing 19 Days non stop!! Old Xian has completed their artbook which we’re all dying to purchase!! Of course some fans have had to turn it down a notch and it looks like they’ve backed off from Old Xian for now.

In the last two chapters we’ve seen Mo Guanshan starting to do some heavy lifting at He Tian’s friends photography studio. One of the staff there called after him to find out what his name is. The fan theory at the moment is that they’re going to ask Mo Guanshan to be a model in the photoshoot. I’m expecting this to happen now. Can you imagine?! Can you imagine if He Tian has to also be in the photoshoot?! Is this what the next chapter is leading to? Let’s find out…

We begin the new chapter to Jian Yi waking up in a startled state. Turns out he and Zhang slept in the bed and he’s trying to recall the night before which he doesn’t seem to remember. Turns out Zhang likes to sucks his thumb while he sleeps which of Jian Yi finds adorable. He cannot resist the urge to take a photo…

So when He Tian told told Guanshan he had to wear the earring on Saturday (he mentioned this a few chapters ago) he meant…tomorrow? Because this chapter is clearly taking place after Jian Yi confessed his feelings to Zhang. The dates of when each event is happening is becoming really confusing for me.

Even though the chapter has some hilarious scenes I can’t help feel..unamused, I guess. Are they going to carry on as if nothing happened? Because the confession isn’t something you can forget in a hurry. Is Zhang’s way of dealing with it going to be him just sliding it under the carpet? Something about this chapter just didn’t sit right with me. Maybe it’s because I need closure on what happened but instead it’s carrying on as normal?

Even though the chapter fell flat with me I’m hoping it’ll pick off from their talk the night before in the next chapter!! We need to know how Zhang is feeling!!

You can read 19 Days here.

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