Last week Old Xian celebrated their birthday, and not to long ago and we were given (what I believe) is the conclusion of this arc with Day 128! What a ride it’s been! First Jian Yi gets kidnapped by some strange old man and held captive in an abandon warehouse for two days. He is eventually rescued by some grey-haired warrior and is rushed back to some secret location. In the last chapter, Zhang is rushing towards North Station where Jian Yi should be. One of my theories from the last chapter is that it may not be Jian Yi sending the text. I wonder if I was right?


Zhang is rushing to see Jian Yi who is supposed to meet him at North Station. Jian Yi is waiting for him.

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Now all the gangster kids are wearing black tops. He Tian, She Li and Jian Yi, all of whom are related to the Yakuza or the world of crime in some way. I guess Jian Yi wearing that black top is a sign of what’s to come. Also I think it’s important to note his facial expressions through this whole chapter. Again it’s believed throughout the fandom that this is a sign of what’s to come. I think we feel that Jian Yi might become more independent after what’s happened. He wants to be able to look after himself and not rely of Zhang so much.

I am glad this arc has finally ended, however I cannot predict what’s going to happen next. I feel some He Tian and Guanshan plot is on the way so I’m very much excited for that! They haven’t been around for the longest time and I feel their relationship has progressed too much without us seeing it.

You can read 19 Days here!

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