Old Xian has spoilt us this Christmas with not one, but two Christmas specials!!! The fandom thought Old Xian would give us some more official art like they did last year or at least carry on with the plot but instead we got two chapters set IN THE GODDAMN FUTURE!!! What do the boys get up to?! Let’s find out…

Our first story sees an older Mo Guanshan taking out the trahs and lighting a cigarette, which he’s clearly having trouble with, however the cigarette is taken from his mouth by a surprising (not) person from his past… while in the other chapter we see an older Jian Yi and Zhang meeting friends who are all doting of Jian Yi’s, much to Zhang’s annoyance…

It’s He Tian and Mo Guanshan in the future!!! This was such an exciting chapter to read for us Tianshan fans!! While we know roughly what happens to Jian Yi and Zhang in the future, this is the first time we see Mo and Tian after middle school. Seems Tian went away for a little while since Mo asks him where he’s been. Where did Tian go?! Soo many questions!!! Also it seems as if Mo Guanshan didn’t get any modelling contract. That’s a damn shame but at least he seems more at ease with Tian than he is whilst he’s in middle school. Also why is Tian buying condoms for Mo?! Are they going to pick up where they left off?! As you can tell I was incredibly happy with this chapter!!

Jian Yi and Zhang’s chapter was really cute!!! Obviously everyone is going to dote all over Jian Yi since he has been gone for soo long but look at Zhang’s face. He may not admit it yet but he just wants Jian all to himself. He still putting up such a fight with Jian Yi I think that’s just his character. Also look how comfortable Jian Yi is with Zhang in the future. He looks soo happy!!

Next chapter: In the next chapter we’ll be going back to the plot and I have no idea what’s in store, but i’m really excited to see what happens to the boys in 2018 and how both relationships progressed to where they are in these two specials!!

You can read 19 Days here

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