We have a new chapter of 19 Days. After the video clip from Old Xian’s weibo video clip, we’re about to see what is about to happen to our Little Mo. Has She Li found him? Has He Tian lost his temper? Let’s find out…

Mo Guanshan is reliving some horrible memories when a few thugs come over and start pestering him. He is on the attack and about to lose but his knight in shining armor is here to the rescue…

What a Chapter!! Wherever Little Mo will be, He Tian will always find him. The end of the chapter is open to interpretation. Was He Tian talking to thugs, or is he talking to Mo Guanshan? I’m thinking he’s talking to Mo. He’ll probably won’t let him out of his sight after this. We’ve seen this same expression on He Tian once before, and that was when She Li threw Little Mo under the bus. You can see the complete rage on his face which still looks entirely calm. I’m in awe of Old Xian’s ability to evoke such emotion through her art.

The beginning of the chapter was soo sad. How horrible for Little Mo. Us fandom now have the backstory as to why Mo Guanshan acts the way he does. To have something like that following you as you grow must be incredibly tough. He’s been carrying soo much anger over the years. You can see why it’s taking him time to put down the guards.

Next Chapter: The next chapter will definitely be centred around He Tian and Mo Guanshan as they are the main protagonists for this arc. The pattern at the moment is two chapters of them two and then a filler chapter of the other two characters to keep us at the edge of our seats.

You can read 19 Days here.

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