The 100 season four finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW, and it’s pretty obvious that things in season five are going to be very different from how the rest of the show has gone so far.

I have no idea what’s going to happen, though I do have some predictions. I’ve also come up with some wild, trope-packed theories that could make for great fanfic to get us through the hiatus.

1. It was all a dream.

The 100 has yet to do an episode where Clarke is in a mental institution, or where she’s dreaming everything that’s happening. Why? It’s a sci-fi classic! In the pilot, Clarke covers her solitary confinement cell in drawings of an Earth she’s presumably never seen. Now that she and her friends are facing off against a death wave of nuclear radiation, maybe we’ll discover that it’s all in Clarke’s head after all.

2. Clarke is forced to make new friends.

While all of her friends go into space and everyone else she knows locks up in the bunker to survive the next five years, Clarke stays behind. She survives the radiation because she has nightblood. Five years later, a spaceship arrives carrying total strangers. Clarke doesn’t know a single person who steps foot off the ship, which is the complete opposite of what she expected.

3. Clarke and Bellamy repopulate the human race.

Clarke goes to space with her friends and everyone who isn’t already hooked up starts hooking up because there’s nothing else to do. Clarke and Bellamy finally admit their feelings for each other, have a bunch of space sex, and help repopulate the human race. Five years after the death wave, they go back to Earth with all of their kids and start from scratch.

4. Rocks fall and everyone dies.

Or… something. We have to consider the possibility that everyone on the show will perish in this fiery maelstrom of radiation death. It would make season five kind of a bummer, because the whole cast would have to be replaced, but anything is possible.

5. Clarke is Azor Ahai.

What do you mean, that’s the wrong show? Haven’t you ever heard of a crossover?


The 100 season four wraps up tonight, and then it’s a long wait until season five. What are your theories? Leave them in the comments or hit me up on Twitter and we can speculate to our hearts’ content!


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